Voice on Storm Runner?

OK this might be weird to start off with anyway my names Kanako i love coasters since i was 7 and rode batman at six flags love the feelin of droppin going upsidedown and stuff it feels like i am flying. OK THATS OUT OF THE WAY anyway

Who does the voice on Hersheypark's storm runner. Because when i went in june 2004 i immediately recognized it as David Humphrey; the voice of shadow in sonic adventure 2. yes this lovely voice now some of you may be like "that doesnt sound remotely close" well I know a voice belongs to david when I hear it and when i heard the voice say "now get ready here we go" i was so surprised and excited and yelled "DAVID" couldnt even finish my sentence as the ride took off and i forgot 2 hold on! holy crap.

i emailed hersheypark about it and told em if it isnt david then WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR HIRE DAVID NOT JUST A SOUNDALIKE!

ok kanako out (headin to kings island rn as we speak)

Now get ready here we go

And that’s all for today’s episode of “My Weird Obsession”. Be sure to tune in tomorrow.

(^Spoken in my own voice)

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and here I am trying to figure out who the voices in my head are.

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9 times out of 10, the park pulls in an employee with a decent voice from somewhere in the park and has them recite the lines.

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Whoever it is, I bet they really like pancakes.

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10 times out of 9 they like pancakes

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