Viva Las Vegas Jan 15-18th

This was the last leg of my 2011 West Coast tour. After leaving John Wayne Airport, arrived in Las Vegas via Phoenix. The weather was in the high 60's, with the distant mountains capped in snow. I love the southwest scenery!

Our entire party was in the Flamingo, my new continued base of operations since the Stardust closure. Great view of Ceasar's Palace from my window. We partook in the Harrah's $39 24 hour buffet pass, and hit the Paris, Rio, and Harrah's in the span. Paris was the best this time out.

I went into the Adventuredome on Saturday, about 10pm. Canyon Blaster was a back seat walk on, and as usual, very smooth. I love the placement of the new Disk-O. 8/10. Speed, however, was closed early vs. the internet info. I missed this one this time.

Monday afternoon, after a beautiful drive and tour of Hoover Dam, I make my way to NYNY. NEVER walk the side where that #$&%ing City Center is. You have to walk so far out of your way, its ridiculous, and quite long. The Coaster was running 2 trains, but no line for the back seat. They now take your photo after you are seated. Anyway, as stated before, the new Premier trains are great, but that track really needs some work. Enough said. 6.5.10.

Sunday afternoon, took am incredible ride through the desert to Primm, for Desperado. First, we did the Mine Ride simulator, which was older, but actually good. The to Desperado. Haven't done this in years, but took the last seat, no more waiting for the train to get 15 passengers, or whatever it was. This ride still rocks! It does need some adjusting on the side gauge on the wheels, and you feel the need to hold on on some stretches, like its out of control at times. I love this coaster, its one of Arrow's finest. Well worth the $8. I give it a 9.5/10.

After playing the powerball in California, back we went. The drive back was stunning in the sunset. The rest of the trip was standard Vegas stuff, including Big Elvis at Bill's, and tried the great pizza at the new lower food court at the Venetian. Inside the center of the Flamingo, they have a new food court, with Johnny Rockets, NY Subs (with Nathan's), a Sbarro-knock off, and a dessert place. Its open to 6am.

The Flamingo Sports book rocked, watching the Steelers stick to the Ravens in the early game. I still love Vegas. Trip.....9/10.

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I was in Vegas a week later, but didn't have a chance to ride the first coaster. Worse yet, I have been to Vegas a dozen times and still have never ridden a coaster there.

If your looking for some other side trips, Zion and Bryce Canyon are 3-4 hours away. We took 2 days a few years ago and had one of the most memorable times of my life.

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I didn't make a return trip to Bonnie Springs Ranch. I am trying to sell them some classic family rides, and they are tough to get ahold of. However, before the Super Bowl, the owner was on the Travel Channel with ghosts or something in the melodrama theatre. Anyway, thats also a cool palce to hang out. Extremely strong theming.

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