Visiting Silverwood July 4th weekend

My husband and I are taking a trip to Billings Montana during the 4th of July weekend for his 30 year high school reunion. We were thinking in taking a special side trip to Silverwood on our way home.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas in how crowded the park is on the 4th weekend Sunday, July 6th? I was thinking that it would be extremely crowded. But my husband thinks it won't assuming most people will be traveling home by late afternoon to end their holiday weekend vacation.

We would be flying from Billings to Spokane enroute of Portland since there are no direct flights between the two cities. This would mean going out of our way to visit Silverwood.

I was thinking that maybe going Monday, July 7th would be better. But, the downfall is we would have to leave early to drive to Spokane for our evening flight home to Seattle. And that would be adding an extra day to our trip which we've already added extra days to.

Anyone know when the new coaster will be opening as well? Because that will also have a determining factor on how busy the park will be.

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Lisa, Duane has the coaster listed as "opening in July".

I'm sure they'd LOVE to have the ride up and running for the Holiday weekend....but... These were fairly troublesome rides to begin with, and I wouldn't expect a relocated run to be *improved* (although Premier apparently did quite good work on the Vekoma flyers) advice is to keep your expectations for Vu fairly low.

On the plus side, the Silverwoodies might be in the best condition they've seen in a long time. :)

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Your husband probably has a point. But, perhaps the locals might be more willing to go Sunday instead of Saturday.

Then again, I find that Sunday mornings at parks are usually pretty light (church).

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Lisa, it's Silverwood! Tremors and your beloved Timber Terror! Just go! :)

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