Visionland May 9th

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Well I went out to Visionland today. After getting in the gate I had a pleasant experience. Before getting in the gate though I had to put up with the locals complaining. Every time I go there I have to listen to people whine and moan. Today's big complaint was that the water park wasn't open. One lady went so far as to say that their phone message said that it would be open when she called this morning. I knew for a fact that the message didn't say that. I called this morning as well. The message said that Visionland was closed Saturday for a private party and that Visionland would be open on Sunday. If she had listened for two seconds more she would have heard the part where they said Splash Beach opens next weekend.

I had some coupons that allow you to get a discount on today's ticket and also a free ticket for Splash Beach next week. I had extra ones and thought about giving her one but she was making such a fuss about things that I decided she didn't deserve it. This lady kept going on and on about things she had no knowledge of. She said that the city of Bessemer donated the land because the Mayor of Bessemer is the one that started the park. Not true. She said that the park was bought by Six Flags. Not true. The whole time the people with her believed everything she said. I didn't contradict her because it was kinda amusing standing there and listening to all the crazy stuff she was saying.

Once we got into the park I was a bit disappointed that they took out the Enterprise. I would also love to see a few new thrill rides. Rampage was running as smooth as ever. As the day progressed it just seemed to get faster and faster. There were few lines and my son was able to ride about 15 times without ever having to wait in line. They've also made some improvements to the Wild River Gorge. They've added a few water spouts that shoot water about 30 feet into the air and get you nice and wet. Hopefully next year they'll add some things to the amusement park and skip adding to the water park for a change.

The park really isn't worth a long trip or even the price of admission but if you live close by and want something to do on weekends its ok. I love the thrill rides myself but will enjoy the park a lot more when they open the water park since the amusement park is still a little lacking. *** Edited 5/10/2004 1:19:23 AM UTC by Kryten6000***

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