Virtual Midway posts Lighthouse Point construction and HalloWeekends photos

Posted Tuesday, September 23, 2003 4:49 AM | Contributed by Gemini

Virtual Midway has added a photo update of early construction on Cedar Point's Lighthouse Point expansion. Also new are 35 photos from HalloWeekends opening weekend.

Link: Cedar Point Virtual Midway

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003 7:28 AM
Thanks for posting the pics. How were this year's haunted houses?
Tuesday, September 23, 2003 12:32 PM
Looks Nice!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003 1:27 PM
How is Were Wolf Canyon? It sounds like its pretty cool.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003 3:45 PM
>>How is Were Wolf Canyon? It sounds like its pretty cool. <<

eh...Not bad, but not great either. Undertaker U is much better. The line for it on Saturday approached 2 hours! Not worth it in my opinion... Lucky for me, I only waited about 20 mins. Got in line just before it opened...

Tuesday, September 23, 2003 5:14 PM
I really like that wallpaper... it's already on my computer! I hope SFWoA's FrightFest turns out good this year, it's looking great already! We'll see this weekend.
Tuesday, September 23, 2003 6:21 PM
now this is a first class theme park. great rides ,great food,great atmosphere, polite and friendly employees and water ,water, water. This is a true resort and has the atmosphere of a Disney run park. Places to stay , many. and all in house.And to invest in the future,enlarging the Lighthouse Point Development.If you travel far to visit the true Cedar Point exsperience, you want a destination that is truly worth all the miles.

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