Virtual Midway adds 50 photos of Cedar Point construction

Posted Monday, September 16, 2002 4:31 AM | Contributed by Gemini

Construction at Cedar Point continues to roll along. Ride supports have been erected and land clearing now extends nearly to Power Tower.

Link: Cedar Point Virtual Midway

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Monday, September 16, 2002 4:35 AM

Looks great

Monday, September 16, 2002 5:04 AM
Bravo! Virtual Midway is doing an excellent job. Not every site can keep you this updated with coaster construction. I wonder what's up Cedar Point's sleeve this time!
Monday, September 16, 2002 5:09 AM
I wish I knew what they were planning, I just hope it fills the great expectations it has.
Monday, September 16, 2002 5:22 AM
This thing is gonna be big!!! Virtual Midway is doing the best coverage on this thing!! I bet Cedar Point is loving reading these threads and all the drooling we are doing. Don;t expect CP to tell us much about "Dragster" until after Halloweekends though!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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Monday, September 16, 2002 6:30 AM

I second what CoasterFANatic said!

The track is ever so slightly curved, indicating a huge pull up/out. 420ft is possible. However it'll have a lot of speed left over. Just how long will the track be? Quite a few brake sections. No twisted track yet. For a sec I thought it was gonna be a Hammerhead Stall type ride, but the aforementioned track rules that out.

I can't see a MF style layout after that for obvious reasons. Plus it would cost heaps. Maybe lots of flat & banked track, could circle the park or part of it & follow the terrain to burn off speed. Like the Ultimate in the UK. Other option is inversions, although immediate ones would have to be huge - $$$.

Any idea when's the announcement?

Monday, September 16, 2002 6:57 AM
I think it's obvious from the track now that it will be something like Xcelerator (only bigger?).
Monday, September 16, 2002 7:12 AM
Trust me to babble on. Mr. Cruise said all in one sentence! ;)
Monday, September 16, 2002 8:37 AM
Yes the track may look very similar but take a look at the support section that has been built so far at CP. Then take a look at the supports on Xcelerator. I have not found any part that looks similar. CP has built three vertical beams that are connected together as one tower. Xcelerator only has the four beam member for the top hat and two beam triangles for the curves. If it is to be like Xcelerator, then it has to be so much bigger that it needed bigger support towers for the banked curves much like the ones on MF. Or it is just a completely different ride with the same propultion system.
Monday, September 16, 2002 3:56 PM
I still think this Massive Support going up right now is going to host the Whole Top Hat, Although Maybe there Might be another One Of these Going up Somewhere... If you think about it, What Shape is the Strongest of them all? The Triangle.

Wicked Twister and Xcelereator Are the only two Intamin Coasters to use this Style of Supports. They are in a Triangle/Square base shape. This new Support Structure at the point is completely made of Triangles. Obviously to hold up something that will need a lot of support/strength to hold. If this ride is as big as rumored, Thank God these Support Structures are so huge! =op

It's all in Twisted Wicker... Can't you see?!

Monday, September 16, 2002 5:45 PM
Yes the tophat will go up that tower, but perhaps that's not the only thing that is going to be supported by the tower. Just something for you guys to think about. ;)

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002 5:43 AM


Are you sure that's where the top hat is going to be? The tower in question could be for an extremly tall overbanked turn, like on MF.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 6:42 AM
I still don't think its for the top hat. If the top hat is so much larger that it needs more support for the appex of the turn, they would just run supports to the two vertical towers. It would be a waste of money to build a completely new tower just to run up the middle and hold up the top.
Tuesday, September 17, 2002 10:08 AM
jive, reread my post. ;)
Tuesday, September 17, 2002 11:53 AM

So it's a multi purpose tower? That would make sense from an economical standpoint, I just thought that they would want to keep a manuever that is 400' or so off the ground away from major walkways (loose change ;) ).

Have you seen this thing laidout?

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 1:07 PM
No, but I have a good idea of what it will do...just by looking at the footers and following the construction, it will soon become clear to all what it will do.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002 4:23 PM
Well, i have great, great resources and i know the height and spees of this coaster [ no lie, i swear] . All i can say is that it is ____ Feet Tall and goes ____ MPH. if only i could tell u.........
Sunday, September 29, 2002 10:57 AM
The only people who know what this is are the top C.P. officals and the construction crew. They wouldn't even tell ride maintence before constrution begain if they have even yet. So anyone claming they have a good inside sorce better think again before listening. Management will tell you if you ask that after Millenium Force that they relized they made a big mistake on making a press release that early and that is why they lost all the records after 3 months. They don't care if you know what it is but they will not tell anyone the stats for some time. The word around the park is in or after January sometime they will make a press release. So sit back relax and enjoy the pics you are getting because they are going to suprise you all.
Sunday, September 29, 2002 1:55 PM

Dude... you're so clueless. Not only do a great many people know in detail what the ride is, but you're suggesting that Steel Dragon was made taller by several feet while the pieces for it were on the boat to Japan.

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