Virtual Magic Kingdom

Monday, May 30, 2005 4:43 PM
Disney is now Beta Testing a new online environment called Virtual Magic Kingdom. It is a little like The Sims, but it also has a couple of simple but addicting games. You can also go looking for all the hidden Mickeys in the scenery, buy stuff to deck out your own room, chat with other players, etc.

It keeps crashing for me, but I think it's pretty impressive and I'm sure they will expand it as time goes on. I'm pretty sure it will be a winner as a marketing tool.

It is geared towards Disney fanatics and the younger set, and have a VERY strict typing policy. You can only type words in their dictionary, which even limits numbers for some reason. I like the idea, to protect the smaller kids from obscene language, but I think the execution needs some tweaking. Even words like "name" are not in the dictionary, although you can supposedly submit words for consideration.

Anyway, I think it is worth a look, even if you are not a big Disney fan.


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