Virtua Rides

I noticed this game in which you control fairground rides. You have to sign-up in order to see the screens and the demo. I've heard that it does not work on most computers but don't count me on it and if you have problesm look in the forum. Here is the website:

Could someone tell if it is any good, thanks. Can't use since im at school.

Has anyone tried it out yet?
Lol...Why would you have to register with a site just to see screens and get info on the product that they sell? I can't even see what the system requirments are without creating an account? That's bs, if you ask me.

It seems a little fishy, don't ya think?

Count me out...I don't care. doesn't work for me.
I checked the site recently and I found out that it no longer exists. So I went to the publishers website and found out that is no called: Nolimits : Virtual Rides. I know there is a similar one called Nolimits Fairgrounds so this will be interesing where this will go. You can read the News hear and how it came about and they also talk a little bit about NL: FG.

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