Virginia Reels

Another name for this type of ride was the Tickler. I saw a picture of another former ride of this type on the Lakeside Amusement Park (Denver) website.

Arthur Bahl

^ Does that mean if Disney built one in Disneyland Paris, it would be a French Ti...
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There is still one operating in the UK:

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Unless I'm mistaken it's a kiddie-sized version at Yarmouth's Joyland.
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^Still looks like a blast. :)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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Did I say it wasn't? ;)
The Joyland ride is also a partially powered ride.

Bill, you can comment on my lappy anytime fella!


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No, Moosh, but, but....damn internet getting in the way of communication again. :)

Partially powered? Does it coast for at least one drop? ;)

And Jim, were you asking Bill to comment about your lappy or on...? ;)

AV Matt
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I hope if there ever was a new Virginia Reel, it would be with those cool looking walls/facades I guess you'd call them. It seems as if the majority had them, and especially with that kiddie one it looked like it added alot the experience.

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