Vintage photos: Astroworld

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Houston's favorite lost theme park, AstroWorld (aka Six Flags AstroWorld), would have turned 49 on Thursday. The home of Thunder River and Greezed Lightnin' opened June 1, 1968 - though those beloved rides would come years later.

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The seventeenth photo from the top of Greezed Lightnin's loop is fun.

I like the last batch of pics of the pretty girls with their groovy hairdos and hostess costumes. Those gals would be around my age, I reckon. I wonder what they look like now? (I'm still groovy)

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When they announced it closing, we booked some tickets and headed down there as we knew many of the rides would be razed. It had some pretty awesome rides... I really loved the Texas Cyclone, it was full of great head choppers.... XLR-8, the Arrow suspended... the flume, the kiddie coaster, and the two Schwarzkopfs. Ultra twister, too. I do regret missing the sky ride, train and carousel.

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