Village Road Show willing to go to court against woman who got stuck in Wet 'n' Wild water slide

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Village Roadshow Theme Parks has challenged a woman who got stuck in a Wet 'n' Wild waterslide to take her $400,000 damages claim to trial. Lawyers for Village Roadshow issued their defence to Southport District Court following childcare worker Cherie Schramm's lawsuit claiming she was injured and suffered long-term mental issues after getting stuck halfway in the Aqua Loop on January 2 last year.

Read more from The Gold Coast Bulletin.

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Of all the potentially frivolous lawsuits we've heard about lately in this industry, this one takes the cake. I'm usually careful to not judge before knowing all the facts, but I'm not going to do that this time. She's full of $#!@.

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I call shenanigans!

First off, if the ride has to play a prerecorded message telling patrons what to do in case they get stuck mid-ride, then there are probably some design flaws.

However suing for $400K for getting stuck on a ride is beyond stupidity. If that's the case, can you imagine the lawyers salivating over the WindSeeker rides?

Aw, c'mon now.
I got stuck in a water slide once, and while it took an extremely large plunger and an entire bottle of Lux Liquid to get me free, there were certainly no long-term mental issues.
I don't think...

Just a little background to this: when it was initially reported a few months back it was revealed that she was scared someone would come down after her, and didn't wait to stop before trying to get out of the slide. A big part of the claim was that she wasn't warned what would happen if she didn't make it. As a local, I can confirm that such warnings have been played since opening day, and given that was a big part of the claim, and the huge sums of money involved, I'm not surprised they're challenging it.

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I thought the Aussies were smarter than Americans, but nope just as stupid.

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Well, to be fair, maybe their logic is a little upside-down.

Do their Tornadoes swirl in the opposite direction from ours too?

They do. And their drop towers go, like, nowhere.

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I thought all of their "drop" towers were actually turbo shots, and vice-versa?

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