Video of new coaster at Kentucky Kingdom

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Odd that there has been no official statement or announcement on this. Nonetheless, this video was posted on the park's official Youtube account.

Wonder whose ride that is? I don't recognize the track or train. Anyway, looks like fun. Lumpy and bumpy.

So this would make a total of what, three adult sized coasters in the new park? With Lola and Stella still sitting back there idle?

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They have been marketing a smaller MegaLite-like coaster for a while to sell to smaller parks.

Kentucky Kingdom : "Run" :: Cedar Point : "Streak" ?

The train looks like something Kumbak showed off at IAAPA before they actually had any product, but the track looks like Chance-Morgan.

I see on the Kentucky Kingdom web site that this is accompanied by a Flying Scooter, a new set of bumper cars, three new kiddie rides, a huge waterpark expansion and...surprise!...a new drop tower.

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There's a park map posted and it shows the expanded water park in Chang's old area, the Flying Scooters where the Wild Mouse was, and the drop tower across from Breakdance, not in Hellevator's old spot. The new coaster is where the shuttle loop was, T2 has a "coming in 2015" banner on it and the Sisters show one that says "coming in 2016".

It's hard to tell from the cartoon map, but it looks like the new water park expansion will cause quite a dead end on the dry side. In other words, the part of the "loop" that went by Chang is now blocked off, or interrupted by water park, unless the water side is open to any kind of foot traffic.

I'm glad to see the old flats returning- let's hope they've withstood the abuse of having so much time off...

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The new coaster looks to be filled with my kind of airtime. I love the name connection with Thunder Run and think it's a nice nod to the former Greased Lightnin' at the same time. It's really odd though that this info came out on a Saturday night at midnight. Really bizarre.

I'm sort of shocked to see that they're installing a drop-tower in the new park considering. Let's hope the public realizes this isn't the same ride from the accident or at the very least they have confidence that the ride is safe.

The season pass offers look to be great too. $1 drinks anyone?

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The track and train reminded me of Phantoms Revenge for some reason. Same company maybe? A wild speculation at best on my part.

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Thunder Run and Lightning Run. Cute.

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Very nice. I'd much rather see something like this than a relocated Led Zep- it was right near the bottom of the barrel when it came to B&M coasters (just above their Superman Flyers). You hear nothing but good things about Steel Eel & Superman Ultimate Escape (Mexico), and while this looks like it'll be a bit smaller, it looks just as promising. It really does look like C-M's take on the Intamin Mega-Lite.

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One subtle difference between Chance's Hyper GT-X coaster and Lightning Run is the track & wheel arrangement. Wonder why they went back to the older style for Lightning Run.

How do we know it's Chance's ride?

Edit: to say never mind. I took a second look at Chances video and I guess the train is the giveaway there.

Regardless, I think this little ride looks like a blast.

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Walk-Off HBP said:

You hear nothing but good things about Steel Eel

You do? That's the only Morgan hyper in the US that I haven't ridden, but it's stateside sisters give a ride that's about half as impressive as they look.

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Steel Eel is leaps and bounds above the other US Morgans (except for the mine train in NorCal). But IMO as far as Morgan (-ish) hypers, there's PRevenge, Steel Eel, and the rest...

Rode Steel Eel for the first time this year. Was not expecting what I experienced. Violent air slamming you down in your seat on the third hill, very similar to PRs air on the double down. Morgan definitely got it right with Steel Eel and PR. The rest are...ok.

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