Video: My day at Liseberg in Sweden

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Liseberg, Göteborg, Sweden


I'm a 24 year old roller coaster enthusiast and overall an andrenaline junkie. I like anything that's fast and makes your heart beat like crazy. A few weeks back I tried skydiving and it was pretty amazing. My latest adventure was a day at Liseberg in Gothenburg. Even though it wasn't sunny and it rained for a couple of hours, me and my friends had a blast. I think we rode Helix five or six times. It's a pretty sweet roller coaster.

Anyway, I'm also an avid film maker and decided to film our adventure. I left my real camera at home so hopefully you'll forgive me for filming with a shaky cell phone camera. My ambition with these videos is to document my adventures but also keep my hobby alive as a film maker and to share my work with the world. I hope you will enjoy my video.

Here it is:

I always enjoy seeing parks that are far away. Liseberg is a bucket list park for me.

I liked your video, and you guys are cute, but it might've been a little selfie-heavy. At the same time, we've all seen plenty of POVs so it was refreshing to have a look into your day and a glimpse of other aspects of the park. Thanks.

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I agree. And after watching my brother edit down 2 hours of film to 4 minutes, I can appreciate that you probably edited a lot of footage...unless you were careful about using up memory. :)

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You can find vlog type entries all over YouTube covering some reviewer's trip to some theme park in Europe. And many of them are 1.5 hrs or more in length. So as much as I'd like to visit along with them, the answer is "no thanks". (Plus it's in German or Dutch and I can't understand their lengthy review anyway).
So, while there might have been a tish more detail, I guess I appreciated the brevity and quick shooting of this "film" as well.

Thanks guys :D

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Honestly, I don't think I could take just one day there...

Just might be a park to do as part of an enthusiast event of some kind....

Thanks for the video!

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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