Video from Knoebels 1982

I'm not sure if anyone has seen or linked to this before, but this shows Knoebels way back in 1982. It includes some rare footage of their now defunct Jetstar coaster (which is even somewhat difficult to find pictures of let alone video), the old farris wheel, and a costumed character who I can't identify lol. It's amazing how similar the park still looks today. Things shown such as the camground covered bridge, campground sign, and Haunted Mansion look exactly as they did then today yet it never seems to get "old", instead it's timeless. I just thought this was a pretty good find and wasn't sure who here has seen it.

Check out the ponyrides! (background in the hand cart scene) The one costumed character looks like one of the country bears that used to perform in the park. The bird dressed in the colonial looking garb--- I have no idea who that's supposed to be, but it's pretty fowl-looking to me. ;)

Funny part is, you can still see some of those hairstyles in the park and some of those cars in the parking lot.

On one hand you say things have hardly changed. On the other you say, boy have they taken good care of everything in the place.

Exactly, they're timeless in that its great to see they have taken such excellent care of things so that they could still be around and as enjoyable today as they were back then.

Hehehe, fowl :P

I do wish they could have done something with the country bear show instead of just storing them away in the back of the old show building (now the Laser tag building) *** Edited 8/23/2007 3:34:20 AM UTC by P18***

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