Video: early build of Parkitect

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I have to say, I'm impressed with the amount of polish this early in the development cycle!

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Shouldn't be too long before Alphas and Betas and stuff start getting sent out to backers.

Might be time to consider getting the game exchange going again...

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What will keep the makers of Roller Coaster Tycoon from suing the maker of Parkitect once the game is released? It seems much too similar to RCT.

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I just skimmed through the video and it looks impressive. I just recently got Theme Park Studio during the winter sale on Steam. The track builder on TPS looks similar to this game. TPS is still in early access, so there's still improvements to be made. I hope Parkitect gets on Steam soon, early access seems to be common these days with indie developers. I'm looking forward to RCT World as well.

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I love the way you bank and can make elements larger.

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LostKause said:

What will keep the makers of Roller Coaster Tycoon from suing the maker of Parkitect once the game is released? It seems much too similar to RCT.

I was wondering the same thing to be honest...

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I'm not knocking the hard work these guys are doing to make the game. The ol' saying comes to mind, "If you can't find the book that you want to read, it probably means that you are supposed to write it." The makers of this game might have had the same wishlist many people here on CoasterBuzz had or have with a new RCT game. So I commend them for trying to make a better version of RCT 1 and 2.

However, even in this posted review of the beta game, the reviewer mentions "just like Roller Coaster Tycoon" many times. The similarities are so close that it's undeniable.

I wouldn't even be surprised if some of the code from RCT was "borrowed" to make this game.

In saying all of that, I am still kind of excited to play this if it ever comes out for Mac. It looks like a great improvement to the RCT series and looks to offer some new gameplay.

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There have been way too many games before and after that allow you to build rides and theme parks, so I don't know that Atari (or whomever owns the rights now) would have any real position. There is prior art, and plenty of stuff that came after that they did not go after. Look at Screamride, for example. I'd say Thrillville, but that belongs to Atari as well.

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Thrillville is my favorite roller coaster game because of the wacky coasters!

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This seems to be an earlier Roller Coaster Tycoon with a better track editor.

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This looks to be what RCT3 should have been.

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I like that they're working on making the peeps relatively intelligent. I mean, using transport rides as actual transport from one place to another is light years beyond what the RCT peeps did.

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I really need to resurrect that game exchange...

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Interesting update this week. This is one of those little details that totally doesn't matter, but does - and sets good apart from great.

"People received names this week. We’re using these lists from the US Census Bureau that handily also contain data on how frequently the names occur. We’re using the peoples names as seed for their appearance and characteristics, so “John Smith” will always look and behave the same. It’s a bit silly and probably nothing you’d have noticed, but I like the thought that these people are all unique somehow."

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As developers, these are the kind of guys you want to work with.

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I assume I'm not the only one who wanted to grab control and fix that coaster for him? It was killing me watching him struggle to get the track back to the station.

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Latest Update.

Looks this could get a little more into the business management detail than RCT did...and I'm ok with that. Building and sharing pretty coasters and parks is cool, but what always kept me glued to RCT was the actual gameplay. I'm a nerd for the park management part of things.

Oh, god no. Please don't make me have to dick around with the cost of salt and ketchup in order to be successful. Please.

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No, not just the price, you better stock up on that stuff too!

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I am under the impression that Parkitect is going to be pretty heavy on park management.

Isn't this the game that was talking managing/building for both the guests/front of house and also for operations/back of house as two distinct things? You have to consider infrastructure placement in the same way you do scenery and such - guests don't want to see the garbage being removed, for example.


I suppose it helps if I just read the description of the game, huh? Indeed it seems park management will play a big role:


Shops require resources to be able to sell something. You'll have to ensure a timely and efficient delivery of resources to the shops in your park. At first this might mean hauling it by hand, though other means will become available.

Employee Management

Shopkeepers, cashiers and ride operators keep your park running. Just like guests, they have their own needs that have to be fulfilled. Unlike guests, they require special infrastructure buildings to keep them happy. Unhappy employees could cause negative repercussions throughout the park.

Maintaining the Illusion

Guests don't want to see the "behind the scenes" parts of your park. Build separate roads, paths and utility tunnels to keep resource transports and staff discretely hidden from your guests. Scenery doesn't just make the park prettier to look at, but ensures that your guests will never get a glance at the parts of the park they shouldn't see.

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