VF's final weekend

Friday, September 20, 2002 11:58 AM
I was curious if any of the locals will be in attendance this weekend? I will be at VF Sunday. Just look for the ruggedly-handsome guy in the Wild sweater. Does anyone know who books the "private party" the last weekend in September at VF? I tried to crash it two years ago with my kid but we were denied. Hope to meet some of you folks on Sunday.
Friday, September 20, 2002 12:09 PM

its the Carlson companys... each day its different i belive... saturday is a company(or companys) and the same for sunday...

i should be there... but i work there... so just look for a guy named tony with black pants, white shirt and a lil shiny gold badge ;)

Friday, September 20, 2002 12:23 PM
Carlson Companies, eh! Can I just say,"Curt sent me", and get in? What can I do to "crash" the party?
Friday, September 20, 2002 12:34 PM
"What can I do to "crash" the party?"... nothing... lol... you wont be able to get in...
Friday, September 20, 2002 2:30 PM

I got things to do on Sunday, which kinda sucks as attending the 'final' day of the season has been a tradition since CBaby was three.

But since there really isn't a true final day of the season I can attend anymore (short of brown-nosing a rich West 'Burb type for a living - I'll pass) I can call any day a 'final' day.

It will have to be Saturday.

Look for a black guy wearing....oh, never mind. Just look for black people period. After all, it is Minnesota.


The CPlaya 100--6 days, 9 parks, 47 coasters, 2037 miles and a winner.....LoCoSuMo.

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Friday, September 20, 2002 4:59 PM
Are you talking about the 21st? I may be stopping by VF after the pinball party at Lloyd's (SS Billards in Hopkins). If you like pinball you MUST go there!!!!


Friday, September 20, 2002 5:00 PM
BTW this is on saturday.
Friday, September 20, 2002 5:20 PM
PFF, what machines do they have there? I'm bored, I'm in Plymouth, and that sounds like fun!

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