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Saturday, March 23, 2002 5:18 PM

I was busy all day, but I managed to squeeze out an hour while I passed SFOG today. I got to the park at about 2:30. First item of business was parking...$10!!! Luckily, when you buy a parking pass SFOG will give you one day's reimbursement with your stub, so my season parking pass was only an additional $15.00. I remember last year when SFOG introduced reduced parking rates of $7, but I guess if we'll become a SFMM type park, we'll have to pay the price.

Next item of business was to process my season pass. I noticed the line was extremely short, but the machines were broken. They gave me my value book, but let me in to the park with just my voucher. I was pressed for time, but I HAD to see the progress of S:UF. I headed over to Cotton States, and I realized that the park was quite busy (Cheerleader day and nice weather). Ninja's line was quite long for Ninja and GASM's queue house was full running empty trains. In the old Cotton States games building, there is a little "viewing window" where you can watch construction. There were A LOT of workers, working on the land, the queue, and the station. The station looks like many of the other newer SF stations, such as B:TDK. Viper's old station is painted on one side with blue paint and clouds. S:UF's enterance sign is really cool, and there are signs all over promoting it's April 6th opening. Oh, yeah the pretzel loop is huge!

I was running out of time, and still I had not ridden a coaster since October. I headed back toward the entrance, looking for short lines. I found a 20-minute wait for Georgia Cyclone, so I took a spin to start my 2002 season.

Last year, I usually rode in the front row, as the visuals are amazing, and I found the back to be a little TOO rough. I know the reputation the back seat has, so I headed for the second last row. WOW! This ride had something done to it. The ride was not painful at all, and I truly found out the extreme airtime this coaster is known for. Plus, the ride attendant didn't "push down" my lap bar, so I had about 6-inches of floating room, as the bar didn't drop at all. Great ride, but I had to leave right after that. Hopefully it will be a great season.

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Sunday, March 24, 2002 9:54 AM
I am very pleased to hear that about Cyclone. There is something about that ride that makes me love it, but I found it to be pretty rough last year. This year it will be 3 new rides for me (Superman, Deja Vu, Acrophobia) and possibly an old favorite running even better!

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