Very quick CP opening day observations

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Today was not as smooth as Geauga Lake was last weekend.

Dragster was down most the day, and running very slow in the evening.

Most coasters were not running at 10AM

waited 15-20 minutes for cheese-on-a-stick when they forgot about us, and served them to other people.

Millie was running two trains and stacking badly. Even with Freepass it took 30 minutes or so.

On a posative note, Mean Strak ran REALLY GOOD, with **NO TRIMS!!!!!** It ran GREAT!!

Changes I noticed:

New sign on Dodgems... Retro look, from 60s instead of 70s.

New paint on Iron Dragon and Corkscrew

Macho Nachos sign no longer on awning Los Gatos.

Gullivers Grill is now a pretzel stand.

Maggie seemed to deliver WAY more air than I remember. It ran really good.


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