Very Positive Carowinds Observations...

Monday, April 24, 2006 12:01 AM
I just wanted to share a few of the helpful things I saw going on at Carowinds today. They had an almost capacity crowd (absolutely insane day at the park) but the employees were still at the top of their game. I wonder if other parks are doing similar things...

1. There were 2 employees roaming from ride to ride spot-surveying people coming off the ride. I was asked a few questions as I left the Vortex. "Do you feel that the ride operators of this ride checked your restraints in a responsible and thorough manner?" "How have the ride operators been performing on other rides today?" "Do you feel safe while riding the rides at this park?"
I was so overjoyed to see them taking the time to do this.

2. At the most popular attractions (i.e. Top Gun, Borg, etc.) there were uniformed employees with Walkee Talkees talking to eachother about the length of ride lines. As you entered the line (which was usually out of the queue) they were politely saying things like "The line for this ride will probably take you (insert amount of time), if you would like the wait for (insert ride name) the wait is only (insert time) right now." This seems like a great way to keep people in good spirits and let them know what they are facing as far as lines!

All of the employees were happy, efficient, and doing a great job keeping the park running well on such a BUSY day.

Monday, April 24, 2006 12:54 AM
I was there yesterday and although I didn't have people ask my anything or tell me wait times, I thought the employees did a good job. The op on Top Gun told all the employees their specific jobs and encouraged them to speed up so the second train would not have to fully stop on the end brakes. The Borg ops told the line when there was a short delay, as did the line employees.

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