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Saturday, August 25, 2001 12:07 AM
I just got back from a 2 day trip to CP and rode VertiGo four times! $10 didn't seem all that bad for such a rush! Each day, there was no wait, so they just let me stay in my seat to go on the next one. When I first read about Cedar Point's new ride, I knew I HAD to get on there! I first did the Cosmic Flip - where you stay upright going up and then face down on the way down. That was fun, but then I tried the Big Bang and that was that -- my new favorite ride (tied along with MF)! The Big Bang is where you flip head first towards the ground as you reach the top and after a slight pause, "free fall" straight down to the ground. The landing is effortless. Superman fans, you can even pretend you are landing like him. It's kinda funny to do. Lots of people were watching thinking this ride is too crazy to ride. Not me! I was more nervous with my first trip on MF! I think there is a big difference between VertiGo, RipCord and SkyCoaster rides. I love them all. But there's something to being up around 300ft high, all by yourself, barely feeling the harness that is holding you. The people on the ground become so tiny, it's fun to see them disappear! I went on Superman (back seat is the best) at SFWoA and loved that, too, but this also pauses at the top to let you think about what you are doing! And it's higher! I suggest that if you like Superman, Power Tower, MF and the Drop Zone at KI, spend the $10 and get on this ASAP! I live close to Kings Island. I hope one of these gets built around this area. Oh yeah, if you do get on this ride, don't hold on. You're there to fly!
Saturday, August 25, 2001 10:02 AM
My best friend and I rode VertiGO yesterday four times and it was the best $40 bucks I've ever paid for an up-charge attraction (though I still have never done a skycoaster yet).  And no one was waiting for it.

All four times we did the Cosmic Flip but definitely next time I'll have to try the Big Bang.  The first time I rode i held on the whole time as it freaked me out.  My legs were actually shaking when I got off.  But the other three rides I didn't hold on and it was fantastic!!

What else was kind of strange is that if you sit facing Millennium Force, it seems like you are exactly the same height as the first hill when you get to the top VertiGO.

  While talking to one of the operators, the park is waiting for a part or something from S&S so that they can do the Big Bang Plus (the Big Bang experience but you do a backward roll to an upright postion at the top).

I suggest no one misses the opportunity to ride one of these creations if you get the chance. 

X Factor

Saturday, August 25, 2001 8:21 PM
X Factor, you should definitely try a SkyCoaster. I have to admit, I was scared at first, but after it was over, I wanted to do it again... and again. I've done it many times now and each time it is still exhilerating!! Save some money by going with friends.

I will be at CP in October, maybe they will have the fourth option for VertiGo by then! That one sounds scary!! but good :)


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