Vertigo - Waibi Belgium

Does anyone know anything about the coaster, Vertigo, at Walibi Belgium? I think it's the first of its kind in the world.

Another delayed opening for the Benelux countries. Vertigo will open in 2007. I am not sure what caused the delays. It is finished and had numerous tests.

For a low capacity ride those gondolas look extremely complicated and "overengineered" (of course I have no clue!) I would really prefer to see those rides on mountainsides and ski-slopes but they donĀ“t seem to be such a good(looking) idea for a park which needs a high capacity ride.

wiki wiki wiki wiki...ahh shut up!
the folks from Dopplemayr said that the braking is in each vehicle rather than in the track and that they are using rfid technology to maintain the distance between vehicles. apparently they need to fine tune the braking in each vehicle to pass inspection.

Keep in mind dopplemayr is primarily a ski lift and manufacturer and this was their first attempt into the roller coaster industry

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