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No love for Verbolten yet? Cedar Point may be my home park, but BGW is my favorite park to visit; a perfect blend of Disneyesque theming and Cedar Point thrills.

Verbolten looks like BGW's answer to "Cheetah Hunt", but I like the theme a lot better.

Haven't seen any discussion on this ride yet at all; obviously it's a year away, but I'm pumped. Great excuse for a road trip...hitting Hershey along the way to ride their new Intamin toy as well.
I have never even heard of the company "Zierer" before, but the ride looks like it will be fantastic. I would expect nothing less, though, from BGW.

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A lot of stuff leaked online about this ride. I can't determine if I am excited or not about it yet. I've seen everything, which is pretty much the layout, the scenery and theme, the hills, turns and banks, but I still need to see it in action.

I hope that by not going with a more popular company, they are still able to have a high quality ride. By the way their drop tower is going, which is still not open yet as far as I know, I am having my doubts about Verbolten.

I really am digging the name Verbolten though.

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Zierer is best known for Wave Swingers.


And those kiddy/family Tivoli coasters with ladybug trains.

Let's not forget Wicked at Lagoon in Utah - and most of what I have read about that coaster has been pretty positive.

Zierer has a reputation for very high quality rides but their price point is usually higher than most US parks want to pay.

Also - I'm personally happy that Busch has gone to manufacturers like Zierer and Mack (Sea World San Diego's Manta) - I still find the decision to go with Moser for the drop tower puzzling, but hopefully it's a good ride whenever it opens.

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^ I agree. It's nice to see a park install something than a B & M or Intamin, and get some variety. I love the autobahn theme to this ride along with the "haunted black forest". Construction is well underway at the park, so there should be some interesting updates in the near future; probably once MT is up and running smoothly.

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You won't hear anything negative from me about the ride Wicked delivers. Capacity might be the one problem I could envision if that ride were relocated to BGW....but Dare Devil Dive seems well-received at SFoG, so...

Zierer has built a considerable number of coasters in this country as well, but they're mostly all of the kiddie/family variety. Knott's Jaguar! is among my favorites, as well as the "overview ride" at MoA by whatever name it's running today....Pepsi Orange Streak, apparently. ;)

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Is it true that Verbolten will have a drop portion similar to that of Th13teen at Alton Towers? I think I overheard that somewhere...anyhow, how amazeballs would that be.

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I don't see that in the sketches/plans, but it is hard to tell exactly. I do know it is going to have a sweeping drop over the Rhine River a la Big Bad Wolf, and that there is some type of heavily themed staging area that the ride enters. It's not out of the question, but it could also be some sort of pause/launch like Maverick, only with actual theming instead of pretend theming. :)

Something has to happen in there.

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OhioStater said:
sort of pause/launch like Maverick, only with actual theming instead of pretend theming. :)

And lap bars, of course :) For increased comfort and visibility.


Wicked is an interesting coaster. It has a great, compact layout with excellent pacing and while it does have only lapbars I thought they were one of the worst restraint designs I've ever encountered. The good news is I've heard the trains may be more similar to some of Zierer's family coaster offerings.

Zierer was responsible for the amazing Lisebergbanan at Liseberg. It is of Schwarzkopf design, track and trains.

If it is at Busch, it will be done right. They may have less, but they do it 100 times better than any other American park oustide of Disney.

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Lisebergbanan was built in 1987... you can't use that old of a coaster to predict what Verbolten will be like. ;)

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All this talk is making me want to drink some Elsinore beer.

God bless my German roots. :)

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