Vekoma SLC Trains Too Long?

Thursday, August 24, 2000 4:47 PM
The Vekoma SLC trains with 10 cars, are too long. Thy distract from the pacing, as you are "clunking" through lots of the ride. Am I wrong? Also, are the ones with 7 cars less "clunkier'?
Thursday, August 24, 2000 5:31 PM
Well, I really don't know the answer to that because the only one I've ridden is Face/Off at PKI, and I can't remember how many cars are on it, although it seems pretty smooth. But if they weren't that long, then the lines would be a heck of a lot longer than they are now.

Thursday, August 24, 2000 6:29 PM
Face/Off isn't an SLC, it's an "Invertigo," which is just an inverted Boomerang.

To get on topic though, you are so on about that, Mongoose. I noticed the first time I had ever been on one at TPFKAGL. You can feel the constant pulling and pushing between cars as the trains navigate the tight little transition elements.

Webmaster/Admin -
Thursday, August 24, 2000 9:11 PM
The funny thing is that of the ones I have ridden (Adventure World, Kentucky Kingdom, Canada's Wonderland, Darien Lake, and Geauga Lake), it seems that the ones with the longer trains...the 10-car versions...seem to run better than the ones with the shorter trains. Honestly, I haven't studied it enough to say what the real difference is...but it's a dissenting opinion, anyway. Personally, I think that of the ones I have ridden, Geauga Lake's is the best and Kentucky Kingdom's is the worst...although Kentucky Kingdom's is dramatically improved since the season it opened.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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