Vekoma Motorbike Demo

Well, looks like Ole and his team did it again--they released a Vekoma Motorbike demo the other day, and I must say that it looks spectacular. It looks like the new programming is paying off... even with the music and complex theming, my framerates were still extremely high. My impatience for the next update grows... :) (click on Progress)

Just downloaded it today. I must say I am impressed. If this coaster is what the next update holds, it will be the best yet!

I liked the 'movement tires', they said No Limits Industries on them. :)

Best part is the demo doesn't require No Limits.

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Sigh... he didn't release a Mac version of the demo :(

Get a real computer, you won't have that problem ;)

Is this update going to cost more, or is it a free update to those that already own the program?

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Free update to all v1+ owners.

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Impulse-ive said:
Get a real computer, you won't have that problem ;)

I have both a PC and a Mac. The better video card and monitor, however, is on the Mac. As No Limits officially supports both platforms, I am disappointed that this demo is PC only.

Eh, I wouldn't be. Check out the screens and drool a little for a while... 1.5 will be for both platforms.

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