Vekoma Junior Boomerang

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I saw this on a link that Travis posted in another thread:

Vekoma's making a junior non-looping boomerang ride. The double-up at the end of the back spike looks crazy-nuts.

Looks like a fun ride.


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Well, actually, I posted a link that posted a link to that. lol

At first, I was not aware that this ride was a boomerang type coaster. I kept thinking that the layout was unfinished. Upon further study of the photos, I was surprised to see that the ride did in fact travel both forward and backwards.

I think that it has a pretty creative coaster layout, especially for being so short. Good idea for a short, less expensive, kids coaster. I think that kids will dig going backwards.

Plus, Ben 10 is kind of a cool show, especially the creature designs.

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It's a boomerang rollerskater of sorts. What a great idea. They've really done a nice job with the skaters, to the extent that even Disney and Universal have them.

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Yeah that double hill on the second spike is neat looking. I can't tell what it does in place of the cobra roll though, is it just a helix? A shame it's themed to Ben 10 though, this kind of thing is becoming a problem.

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A problem? Rides themed to kids' cartoons?

Rides themed to ridiculous commercialized things like Terminator and Tony Hawk that are nearly impossible to relate to a roller coaster and even harder to theme properly. Although I guess those two franchises are bad examples.

On second thought it's probably just me. They've been doing the DC comics theming for a long time now and I don't have a problem with that particular franchise being used.

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Ben 10 is a really cool cartoon for kids. This is a coaster for kids. I don't see a problem. Maybe they'll add a story on the ride somehow to connect the two...

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It looks like it has a turnaround similar to Magnum's, but I'm just going by the same pictures you are.

To me the most interesting thing is that it doesn't appear to have anyway to impart energy onto the train at the far end of the track. I suppose if the turnaround doesn't have a large change in elevation, that would make a lot of sense, but it is very rare to see in a shuttle these days.

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