Monday, January 13, 2003 5:57 PM

How many Vekoma Engineers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A. 5

One to loosely and carelessly screw it in.

One to test it for the next 15 months just so that it can stay on for half an hour.

One to strap it in with a medieval torture device.

One to duct tape the cracks that form after the first day of operation.

And one to put up the safety net to catch it when it falls.

Go ahead, flame away.

Monday, January 13, 2003 6:07 PM
And that was supposed to be funny?

Am I really that shy?

Monday, January 13, 2003 6:11 PM
That is quite possibly the most stupid joke I've ever heard....It sucked.

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Monday, January 13, 2003 6:11 PM

Does anyone else here smell pancakes?

Edit: Just looked at his info he's been here longer then CedarSawyerNutSimpson or whatever his name is, my bad :-)

The Demon He's gonna getchya!

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Monday, January 13, 2003 6:28 PM

I want my cover charge back.


2 superheroes in Gurnee next season? Oh the humanity. :)


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