Vekoma Gravity Max huh?

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Although Everest is more recent, I would also put all the Flying Dutchman on that list too. Sure it isnt B&M but its comfortable.

I'd say that is the least comfortable coaster I have ever rode, in my experience anyways. I might ride the one at Kings Island once each time I visit, just to see if my tolerance of it has got any better. I think it's so bad for me because I tense up and fight it.

Firehawk is among the least comfortable/enjoyable rides I have ever ridden.

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Muntanya Russa was fun and comfortable. It's my second favorite Vekoma next to Everest. The Family suspended at Fun Spot was good too. As far as I can recall, I like all the Jr Suspended Vekoma's that have the newly designed trains.

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Off topic, WilktangAlex just made me look up the correct usage of Rode and Ridden. I got it wrong. I think I need to go back to High School. lol

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