Vegas/SoCal Trip - Part 2: Magic Mountain!!

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Well before I get to Magic Mountain I have to tell you about what we did after Vegas.

After 3/4 days in Vegas, we got a rental van and at 3am, and we started driving out to Los Angeles with my parents high school buddy Dave and his family. The reason we drove to L.A. was for our week long cruise that we were going to board later on that day. We took 2 cars and had a walky talky in each car to keep in contact. We arrived in Los Angeles at somewhere around 7 or 8am and dropped off our rental. We dropped off our rental because we were told by our travel agent that Carnival Cruise lines had a "complimentary" shuttle to San Pedro where you get on the Elation (the ship.) Well they never told us that "complimentary" to them means paying in advance. And since we didn't, because we thought "complimentary" meant free of charge, we had to find a shuttle to take us to San Pedro. Not a good way to start off a cruise. (F*** You Carnival.) So after finding the cheapest shuttle we could ($60 for the 6 of us.) we were finally off to the port. Just a side note, the "complimentary" shuttle would be $180 round trip, and San Pedro was no more than 10-15 minutes from LAX.

Okay now that I got that aside, I'll tell you breifly about the cruise. Besides the food, comedians, and the Mexican ports, I really found this cruise to be boring. I had never been on a cruise before and everyone who has always says how great it is and how you'll love it. Well I didn't love it at all. The only thing that was really outstanding was the food, everything else was just pretty boring. Having the cruise positioned the week before we went to Sfmm and Knotts wasn't really a good idea though. I think I would have had a little more fun if we started off the vacation like this or if this was the last thing we did. I was just too damn ancy about the parks that I couldn't really enjoy it.

Well it was Sunday and getting off the boat was another horrible experience and I won't give you that many details, so we got off the boat at about 10am. But since we had to put our name on a list and wait for a shuttle, it wasn't until about 1pm that we actually got our shuttle and headed back to Hertz to get another rental van. Well it seemed as if this day had been going bad enough already, but when we arrived at Hertz, they said that their computers were down, so the wait just to get a rental was 2 hours long. I guess the line sort of warmed us up for Magic Mountain but by this time I wasn't even that ancy anymore, I was just pissed.

Well after we finally got our rental I was starting to get that ancy feeling again. Our van this time was nice with a cd player and a good amount of room to fit six people's luggage for 2 weeks worth of packing. The last van was so crammed, this one was a very nice suprise. So after about a 30 minute drive I spotted the Sky Tower thing and The huge Towers of Superman. My mom went in and checked into the hotel as I just stayed outside watching to see if there was any trains going through on X as I could see just the first hill from our hotel which was across the street. After watching that for awhile and realizing it wasn't going to open I sort of got depressed but I knew it woul happen. Remember, this was the 21st so I thought the OHSA was there the 19th and inspecting it. I figured it had a chance but I guess not. Well, I wanted to get into the park as soon as I could but everyone in our whole party wanted to eat, except me. Oh well, it's ok because there was a diner next door to our hotel which was pretty kool. After an 8" pan pizza, we were ready to go. By this time it was 5:30pm which made me mad because I suspected to be in the park by 1pm, but the cruise/rental pushed it back 5 hours!!

Ok so this day hadn't been going by good at all, but that was until I set my foot in the park. After that, I just really felt relaxed and releived that we were finally at Sfmm. Right when we got in, I said let's go to Goliath, so we did.

Goliath: 9/10

The line wasn't too bad for a Sunday, about an hour and fifteen minute wait. The line was pretty kool with the tropical theming they had and the theming in general was a lot better than I expected. I wanted to ride this thing in the back for my first time riding it as I have heard this ride is really smooth. So I wanted to feel some air over the hill and the camelback. I did but not as much as I thought there would be. Very good ride none the less. The tunnel is, to me the best part, then the turnaround is the next best part, and then the camelback. So basically this ride just goes from awesome, to great, to good, to your already done. Very short ride as well. I'm not really a lateral man so I didn't think the helixes would do anything They were a lot better than I expected though. The next day I rode this once more with my mom. She didn't come the first night because she was a little under the weather but she loves coasters almost as much as me so the second day she went all out once she felt a little better. About an hour wait for the front on Monday, so I got the onride photo of it in the front seat. This ride really showed me that you don't need a lot of airtime to make an awesome ride.

After Goliath we headed over to Superman to see how the line was and it was about an hour wait so we decided what the hell we'll do it now.

Superman: The Escape: 7/10

Everyone always told me how boring this ride was and to not waste my time on it. I can see where they're coming from but I still thought it was an excellent thrill for the 20 seconds it took. Maybe not worth the hour wait for it, but it was still something to experience. As we rode on Sunday, it was pretty kool because as we climbed the tower, we could see an airplane right above our heads that looked like it was coming in to land at the LAX, very kool experience. On Monday when we rode it, it was about the same wait and sat in the back for the second time (shorter lines.) When we entered the line is was bright outside and was about 8pm. When we got on the ride though, it was about 9 and pretty much dark outside which was another kool experience. This ride was better than I expected but just way to short.

We only had time for about 1 more coaster that night and it Deja Vu proved that with an hour and a half wait.

Deja Vu: 8.5/10

I really didn't expect anything that great coming into this ride. I wasn't that excited for it or anything. When each train came in, everyone started chanting Deja Vu, and at the time I thought they were just all queer or something. But once we got up to the station area, we were the cutoff. We got the front seats! Still I never really expected this ride to be as good as it was. Every part in it was fun and staring straight down in the front was an awesome experience. When we got off the park had already closed too, lol. So we just walked back to the entrance and we didn't see one person on the way back. Great thrill for the end of the night and one to sleep on.

Well the next day, Dave and his family tagged along so they could stay the whole day and not just the night because they don't have passes. Getting in was an experience in itself. Long line to get in, Dave used my dad's pass to get in, but his wife and daughter had to pay. My dad and mom were at the hospital at this point to get some medication for my mom because she really wanted to get in this park and ride everything she could. While they were there though, Dave's family and us kids (my 2 sisters and my bro) headed towards Revolution.

Revolution: 6.5/10

Not a bad ride at all. I just think they ruined it by adding the harnesses. The wait was about 15 minutes long around 11am when we rode it. I just thought about how huge it must've been for it's time being the first real looping coaster. Not too shabby.

Next was Viper which was a little dissapointing.

Viper: 6/10

We rode this in the back and I think that's one of the reasons I didn't really enjoy it. This thing just hurt like hell. I thought it would be a lot better. As of right now, the best Arrow Loopers I've been on are (1.Canyon Blaster (2.Lochness Monster (3. and then Viper. I was really dissapointed in this ride. I thought it would be better than both Canyon Blaster and Lochness but it wasn't. Oh well. I guess I don't like the Mega Loopers Arrow makes as much.

After Viper I got a nice picture in front of the "Sorry X is closed" sign. I have a sad face and I flick off the sign. I can't wait to see that picture get developed. We then decided to go back and hit all the coasters we missed the night before.

Psyclone: 3/10

Wow, this is a contender for worst coaster I've been on. It's up there with all the togo stand-ups. I went in thinking it was going to be like Raging Wolf Bobs. I thought I was downplaying this ride thinking it would be like The Bobs. The Bobs was atleast 5x better than this ride. I got this weird pain in my chest after this ride which wasn't pleasant at all. Next Coaster Please.

Riddler's Revenge: 8/10

A nice change of pace from Psyclone. About an hour wait, not that bad of a line. Well let me tell you, this has to be the worst station I have ever seen. Not theming wise or anything like that, I just mean the way the set it up. Superman and Viper have the same deal with their stations but not as bad as this one. Well we waited for the front the first time and it was worth it. I hate stand-ups so I just crouched the seat down as far as it goes and just sat the entire ride. This made it a whole lot better. Later in the day I rode in the back with my mom and Dave's daughter and it wasn't quite as good. Best Stand-up I've ever been on that's for sure.

Batman: The Ride: 8/10

Pretty fun ride. My first coaster was the clone at Six Flags Great Adventure so this one brought back some good memory's. This ride is very compact and the elements are taken almost too fast but it's very fun otherwise. Nice fun ride, can't argue about that.

Colossus: 6.5/10

Not quite as bad as I thought. Just like a rough Gemini, sort of, well Gemini is steel so that's why, lol. It was better than I thought it would be but still, this park really needs a good wood coaster.

After Colossus we talked to my mom and dad on the walky talky. Turned out they just got into the park and for free too. My dad didnt have his pass because Dave used it. So my mom went in with her pass, then came back out, and rubbed the stamp onto my dads hand. Great way to save money, lol. I know it's wrong but who the hell cares....Well we found out that they were in line for Deja Vu with about an hour and a half wait so we hit Gold Rusher on the way there.

Gold Rusher: 4/10

I went in thinking this ride would be a lot like the Cedar Creek Mine Ride, and it was, but a lot worse. This ride has too many curves that are too sharp and not banked. Sorta hurt. Cedar Creek is a lot better.

After that coaster walked over to Deja Vu to wait for them. So we ate and then waited for only about 10 minutes before they got off. Pretty good timing. By then, my dad, bro, both sisters, Dave and his wife Jill wanted to go. Dave's daughter, my mom, and myself were the only ones willing to stay longer.

Everything else after that was just rerides. I got one more ride on Riddlers, Batman, Superman, and Goliath.

This park was very dirty, but I couldn't expect anything more because it's a Six Flags Park. Very good coasters but maybe too condensed, another Six Flags Trademark. I thought that the management needed a little help too but that's about it. This park took me awhile to get used to but towards the end of the second day, I didn't want to leave at all.

Overall it wasn't as good as Cedar Point in my opinion but it was still very fun and I would love to go back there in the near future. I Dought it will happen though. Currently it's my #2 park right behind Cedar Point and just barely in front of Busch Gardens. I love coasters, but I also like nice atmospheres. It took me awhile to choose if Sfmm was better than Bgw. Just had to get used to the way the run everything at Six Flags.

Coming Soon.....Part 3: Santa Monica/Knotts Berry Farm!!!! Look for it on these boards tomorrow or Monday.....

Top 5:
5)Raptor 4) Goliath 3) Ghostrider 2) Apollo's Chariot 1) Millennium Force

I like how no one says anything about this one when it's the longest one of the trip, lol. Please someone give me feedback.

Top 5:
5)Raptor 4) Goliath 3) Ghostrider 2) Apollo's Chariot 1) Millennium Force

Good TR. I went to magic mountain a few weeks ago for the first time. Deja Vu also surprsed me by how good it was. You must of stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn right across from Six Flags. I also stayed there, it's cool that you can see part of X from there. Ninja must have been closed for you also. I was there for two days and never saw it run.

Steel: 1)MF, 2)Goliath, 3)Magnum
Wood: 1)Villain, 2)Beast, 3)Roar(SFMW)

Nice TR! Sorry about that s***. At least you got on 9 coasters.

In 4 Days My 100th Coaster will be HyperSonic XLC

Actually 10 but I still had a great time for how pissed I was the first day. The second day was awesome though cause I adjusted to the park and I really got the feel for it.

Top 5:
5)Raptor 4) Goliath 3) Ghostrider 2) Apollo's Chariot 1) Millennium Force

Just FYI the plane above Superman was most likely flying in to Burbank airport. Just about every time I fly in to Burbank I see SFMM. If anyone ever flys in to Burbank be sure to sit on the right side of the plane by a window, you will more than likely get a peek at SFMM from above.


Kool, it did seem a little odd that it was that low if it was heading into LAX. It almost felt like we could grab it, lol.Well thanks for the input guys, I wonder why Speedy hasn't posted anything yet. Oh well, the next part will be Santa Monica/Knotts Berry Farm. Expect it up tonight, or maybe even Tuesday. I don't have as much free time as I would like.

Top 5:
5)Raptor 4) Goliath 3) Ghostrider 2) Apollo's Chariot 1) Millennium Force

Psyclone was evil for me too. I had bad feelings in my ribs for over a week and I came this close to seeing a doctor. I just can't understand why anyone would like that THING. viper was smooth for me too, but I sat in the best seats (the front car) and there was plenty of speed through the corkscrews. Goliath did nothing at all for me. No air, oddly not even instese. It was strange.

Also, the 19th OSHA date was nothing more than a rumor. Supposedly it was just inspected in the last 72 or so hours and is opening soon. You should come back!

Good to hear the heat didn't get to you as much as it does to some people. They should install moving sidewalks like the SD Zoo up the mountain.

Good TR. Deja Vu surprised me as well. I don't think I ever had as much fun riding a coaster than I did when I rode Deja Vu, definately my most favorite ride in the park (have yet to ride X). I thought Viper was smooth and intense. I really like the atmosphere of this park, a little underrated I think.


Great TR! Glad to hear possitive S:TE feedback. The atmosphere is really good at this park, and that is strange becuase for the most part, there isn't any loud music/games in the midways, I guess it's all the trees and the light theming. That whole get in free deal was wrong :0, SFMM needs to check tickets to! And someone else used a season pass with the ID not on it! WOW is SFMM that ignorant?

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No, but one of their employees certainly was.... ;)

"Escuse me, can you tell me where the heck the Mystery Lodge is"?

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Great report. I'm glad to see that some people can check their ego at the door and have fun an "The Xtreme Park" tm. Viper is much smoother in the front car.

Speedy, about moving sidewalks, try The Orient Express. It takes you from the merry-go-round to Ninja's station, which is almost the highest point in the park. Skytower's station is a tad more uphill. Also, no air on Goliath?!? Were you asleep on the camelback?

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