Vegas to Magic Mountain???

Hey whats up.. Long story short,east coast guy (cp home park) heading out to vegas for one week with family.. SFMM worth the trip or not,sunday after thanksgiving would be the day..Ride order,food,crowds anything would help. Peace out!!
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Are you saying you want to drive from Vegas to SFMM and back in a single day?...and that day is the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend?

As a So Cal native I say don't do it. And no my answer has nothing to do with the quality of the park [or lack thereof], the rides, the food, or even the crowds [which will be big] but rather the very, very high volume of holiday traffic that day.

I did the drive in August and I will say it took me 5 hours each way. That was a non HOLIDAY weekday drive. I didn't spend open to close at the park because I knew I had a 5 hour drive back and was worried about the normal traffic on the freeways. You are planning on doing this on one of the busiest travel days of the year? I would not recommend the trip due to that reason alone.

Watch the tram car please....
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It'd be tough to do it in 24 hours. Check out Desperado instead. ;)

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