Vegas Part 2 (1/2-1/8)

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This is my second venture to Nevada since the Nov-Dec trip. Since November, I was able to spend a whopping 16 days from mid Novemeber to January in the greatest city in the world.

First night at the Orleans. Did the buffet. 7/10. The Orleans is a great big place that excites like the Strip properties. Spent the next evening at the Aladdin. I do so love the Dessert Passage shops. 8/10. Saw two thunderstorms. Dinner at the Zanzabar Cafe. Huge portions. 8/10.

Then off to Boulder Station for dinner at the buffet. 6/10. Then to the Stratosphere. Its always a different way to get to the tower. New wallpaper decor is pretty weak. I did notice that the Strato-fair is now gone, along with the outdoor ferris wheel and frog hopper. We are not missing anything. I did not make it on the new rides due to time constraints, but the crowds are lining up. They now have a $24.95 ride all day package. Very popular.

Next night was dinner at the Las Vegas Club. Giant 20oz t-bone for $10.95. 8/10. Was heading to Primm, but Desperado closed at 7pm.
Spent another night at NY-NY in Coyote Ugly. 10/10. Bangin' joint. Then played poker at the Stardust. 10/10. You have to love that place.

The new Wynn Las Vegas will have this 'magical mountain' out front and the Fremont St. Experience is being converted to an all LED format, which is about halfway done. Manhattan Express is getting new trains. The Rio is getting a 600ft. GIANT ferris wheel.

Good Times ahead. *** Edited 1/16/2004 6:01:49 AM UTC by Agent Johnson***

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We were somewhat intrigued by Coyote Ugly in our brief stay in Vegas last summer, but for little other reason than the one bartended on the outside who was, without question, one of the most beautiful women either one of us had ever seen. You don't see many hoochied-out gothy chicks (kind of a paradox) with nose rings, but this was one of them.

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The upgrade of the Fremont Street Experience is supposed to be complete by the end of February, I believe. I'm actually looking forward to seeing the new incarnation of the FSE during our trip in May.

Vegas is certainly a city that's always changing (and for the good, most of the time).

Pinball and Coasters...Any Questions?
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Didja's get her number?? ;)

"I go out at 3 o' clock for a quart of milk and come home to my son treating his body like an amusement park!" - Estelle Costanza
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Nope. Out of our league and there was no assurance she liked girls the same way we do. :)

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Coyote Ugly was a huge suprise to me, as I not much of a clubber, since my gf is a redhead. But even though it was a small place, it was busy, and the crowd was more livley than I envisioned.

I think FSE will rock with the new look, with sporting events and concerts and stuff. They were testing it at night with a local news channel, and with a computer program. It looked great, even without sound.

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