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Monday, April 25, 2005 10:10 AM
Ok, went out to Vegas with from friends and hit up the strip. Saw Penn & Teller that was funny. I'll cover the ride side here.

Manhattan Express: Not to bad in the front, a bit worse or comparable to Magnum in the back. Some air in the bunny hops, the helix at the end is pretty good, but the best part of this ride no doubt is the dive loop and the inversion before it. You hang in your harness a bit before it that was a nice feeling. Ok ride but not great.

Speed: Nice, I especially like the immediate left turn after launch, and the second launch after the loop. Not that bad of a LIM ride.

Stratosphere rides: Of course the first ride we did was Insanity. The bad thing is I am not too fond of heights. Well what is 1300 feet up...heck with it. Insanity is a good ride but the worst part is when the slowly move you out over the edge of the stratosphere, you go from a 1 foot drop to 1300 feet (or something like that). Then you just sit there for another 20 seconds (approx.), with nothing moving and just you out over the strip in a lap bar and belt. That was interesting. Best part is when the ride is in motion, you get to around a 45 degree angle, and can see down the entire side of the stratosphere. One ride was enough for me.

X-scream, rode second row, and again felt like I was about to fall to my death, we saw a few tiny pools in people yards and would have preferred them to be below us instead of the street.

High Roller: Not the best idea

Big Shot: Normal S&S launch except added thrill being 1300 feet high, seems again like your somehow going to fall out of your harness and fall to your death. Not bad.

I would have preferred the arrow fish hook though, that would be crazy racing down the side of that tower, however in the area the stratosphere is and for people taking pictures from the Wynn and Hilton of it, it would be a huge eyesore.

Gemini 100
Monday, April 25, 2005 4:58 PM
Am I missing something? Did you really skip Canyon Blaster? What a suprisingly great ride. My favorite in the LV area.

I was truly not impressed with High Roller. It was like a bad kiddie coaster, but just very high up.

I was suprised by the lack of speed on Speed. It just seemed too slow.

I'm dreading riding Manhattan Express (in June). That's the only one I have missed so far in the LV area (well, minus the Dragon Coaster at Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix).

Monday, April 25, 2005 7:56 PM
I'm not the biggest fan of Manhatten Express. Its only appeal, IMO, is the fact that its on the strip. Otherwise, its a crappy coaster.

My first ride on Big Shot...I thought I was gonna pass out. One of the scariest rides I've ever been on. I can only imagine how Insanity and Xcream are like..!

"May the Millennium Force be with you!"
Tuesday, April 26, 2005 9:57 AM
Yeah notice why I skipped much of anything to say on high roller, not the best. And for M.E. front seat first row on Manhatten Express is my recommendation.

I missed Canyon Blaster. I forgot completely about it, it hit my mind on the plane on the way back and I thought oh well, maybe it's another arrow head banger. When/if I go out again I'll ride it.

And Stef, when you hit stratosphere get Insanity over with first. Man I swear hanging up there, not turning, looking down at the tiny objects, it's crazy but worth it at the end.

Gemini 100

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