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Thursday, December 21, 2000 10:10 PM
Went to Viva Las Vegas from Dec. 15th to the 19th.

Rode Speed the ride again. Very smooth and fast. Getting alot of good pr from the locals. The Sahara Casino is really a happening place again. Up to the Stratosphere my final day. Rode up to the top, only to find out the Big Shot broke down, so I went on Hi Roller. Much better than before, as they modified the motors to spped the ride up in September. Then, as I prayed, the Big Shot reopened, and it was great. A bit on the windy side, but that still is the scariest ride on Earth.

Some employee was babbling on about a new coaster that was being proposed for the casino site, talks of 750ft. in heigth, going up one side of the tower, then down and across the strip, then up another tower. Sounds like a GIANT version of the Superman at SFOhio, but I will need some more details about this.

Saw Don HO do the Xmas show. He was crocked, but the show was great, as was Bottoms Up at the Flamingo. Never a dull moment out there.
Friday, December 22, 2000 4:19 PM
How is Hi Roller? What does it do, just go around the top of the Stratosphere Tower?
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Friday, December 22, 2000 11:33 PM
Makes 3 laps arond the upper pod. Has these tires that drive it. Largest drop is about 15 feet. It has improved in the past years, but DO NOT go up and ride just that. Get the Tower admission and 2 ride package, so you can ride the Big Shot. That is worth it!
Monday, December 25, 2000 1:12 PM
Was in Vegas in November and did the Big Shot for the first time (at night even!) and it was the greatest thrill ride experience ever!!!
What casino were they talking about the new coaster being at?? Somewhere on the South strip they are supposed to build the world's largest ferris wheel (wish it was a coaster instead!)
Monday, December 25, 2000 11:25 PM
There was some mumbo jumbo about another coaster at the Stratosphere. These details will take some time.
Tuesday, December 26, 2000 12:19 PM
A Thrust Air would be insane shooting up and over the tower. To clear the top you'd need to be shot pretty friggin' fast. :)

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