Valleyscare 10/7/2006

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I went to Valleyscare yesterday and it was a very good event.
We got there around 12:15 and went straight to Extreme Swing because my friend had never gone on it. He liked it. We went on Wild Thing after that and I could definitely feel a difference with the trims toned. After a very painful ride on Riptide without the jets on, we waited in line for the Mangler Asylum. It was supposed to open at 3:00 but the monsters got there at around 3:05. I have to admit I was kinda scared going into it. They had a lot of good theming in it, and the monsters did a very good job. Although I thought the first time through it was kinda boring, I really liked the way they had the anamatronic barphing over a toilet. It didn’t look to real, but it sounded real. There were a lot of distractions and it was pretty fun. After that, my mom got the guts to ride Extreme Swing, and thought it was pretty cool. After that, we went to Carn-Evil. 3D glasses were a dollar, but you did get to keep them. First time through, I thought a couple parts were very cool/scary. They did happen to have a chainsaw clown, but he had terrible timing. We ended up going through it two more times that day, but it didn’t get any better. Actually, we found it to be quite boring after the first. We then walked back to Power Tower for a ride on the drop one. We went up and as soon as we got above the waterparks view, we saw the construction of Renegade. They had all the track un-covered and there were two large bull-dozers that were clearing dirt. I was amazed how much of the trees they had cleared since I had last been there. Anyways, then we decided to go to Chateau Du Damne. This house was by far the best themed, the scariest, and the darkest. They did a really good job with the overall darkness and theme of the house. It had eyes and heads in the walls so it made it seem like they were popping out at you. I loved this one. After that, we went on rides and waited for Carnage at Crimson Isle. This house/scare zone is very unique. You walk along the Imax que, and then go through out the Plaza Patio. It’s more like a scare zone without the whole monster effect. It had some cool effects. But if you go, watch out for the cannon and DO NOT touch the booty.  We then decided to go to Blood Creek Cemetery to get a taste of my first scare zone. I first noticed how much fog and monsters there were. There were a lot of both. After five times back and fourth through-out the zone, I realized something. Blood Creek Cemetery is sexist. They only went after our party twice outta five times back and fourth. I didn’t like seeing the chainsaw guy pass us to go to some girls in front of us. Although it was fun, we decided to make it more fun, we’d scare the monsters. We succeeded two outta three times. It was very entertaining. Overall this day was awesome. Great rides, shows, houses, and a great way to celebrate eight years without a Halloween event. Below are ratings of the haunted houses/scare zones. 1= Not scary—5= Really scary.

Chateau Du Damne—5
Mangler Asylum First Time—3—Second Time—4 ½
Carnage at Crimson Isle—4
Blood Creek Cemetery—3
It was cool, and I will definitely go back next year.

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Oy, the eyes! Paragraphs please!

Certain victory.

Haha, sorry. . . I didn't have time to do that.

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I didn't have time to do that.
Yeah....hitting enter is a b*tch! Stupid waste of time!

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