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Sunday, October 28, 2007 8:05 PM
My cousin Josh and my Aunt Lisa came up to the cities for the day. I met them at Burnsville Center, had lunch there (to cut down on the cost of food) and were eventually on our way west to VF.

I had already intended to come down to VF for the 2008 platinum pass (and the V.I.P. Pullover) that day. But the relatives called me the day before with their plans and knew that I would be interested. Great minds...

Arrived before 1:00 and the parking was light. Did not make it to the first set of barrels yet. An old Edsle and a Stutebaker were along the parking entrace with scary drivers inside.

Parking Pass - waved on through. Parked over by SV.

First off. The relatives used the restrooms outside the gate and got their tickets while I went to guest services for next year's season pass. I asked about how attendance was expected to be and was told it would get crazy after 5:00, but at the time it would stay fairly empty. I paid for my pass and was surprised to be handed an envelope with vouchers for both the pass and the pullover. Being that it was my second time doing this (online the first time), I asked about the proceedure. They said to hold on to them until next May and redeem them then. Good thing I already brought a windbreaker.

I also mentioned the issues with this year's passes at other CF parks since I had a problem at KI and was told that CF is working on incorperating Paramount's system throughout the chain.

Met up with the other two and went inside.

The park was rather empty as mentioned. Mostly young couples with kids. Lisa was anxious to get to Renegade first so we made our way along the north side. There VF set up the whole midway as a cemetary from the Corkscrew entrance to the covered bridge. Didn't recognize any of the names on the headstones but found one with the name "Kinzle" on it.

Got all the way back to Renegade. The line started at the bottom of the stairs. Perfect. Josh and Lisa took the back car for their very first ride and I was 1 ahead. They didn't expect the twist drop. Both of them screamed the whole way through while I had my hands in the air. We took advantage of the short line knowing that it would change drastically later in the day. Took 2 more cycles: in the front car second time and in the middle the third. My idea of an official credit. It was a cool Minnesota morning so Renegade was a little sluggish as to be expected but still a great ride. I knew It would change as the day went on.

The characters were out for the kids. Oversized costumes with giant heads. Frankenstien, the Mummy, I think Bigfoot, some sort of alien, and exicutioner, and some others I'm sure. The Mummy was having fun stealing ice from behinde an unknowing staffer at a lemon chill stand and throwing it at Frankie who was atempting to make friends with an animatronic dragon. When the staffer finally caught the Mummy red handed in the ice box, the Mummy turned to run away and went headlong into a light pole about 4 feet away. I don't think that part was a schtick. Either way it was funny.

Excalibur was closed. No big loss there for me. So we headed over to HR. I have to say that it ran pretty good this time. I think the cold MCB's weren't able to neuter it this time. But the second set before the turn around the station did. Once and done for us.

Figured on just making the counter-clockwise loop around the park and hitting whatever was open next. Which meant Mad Mouse. Uneventfull. Then on to WT. Lines were in station only and was shocked to see that it was in one train operation! Sat near the back for two cycles. Cold MCB's weren't grabbing hard there either so it was better than usual. Still my fav of the park.

Xtreme Swing was running both sides. After it's usual short cycle, Lisa was ready to puke. I scrambled to help her out of the seat. And she gagged all the way out the exit, but managed to not actually puke. We were seated facing the building so that when in full back swing, you're looking down at the midway. Some guy layed down on the pavement and made snow angles as we went by.

Josh was hungry again and I wanted a beer so we bypassed PT to the hot wings hut (can't think of the real name). As we sat conversing and watching the crowds slowly increase, a group of about 30 clowns walked by. We watched as they headed for the entrance of the Carn Evil attraction. Then they got together at the gate and posed for a group photo before going in to get ready. That was cool. Then we realized it was already about 4:30. I could not tell you where the time went for how little we did.

Chuged the beer and went over to Enterprise. Lisa sat out of course. Would not even mention more of this ride other than the fact that we had an emergency stop just as the ride started to lift. We were out of balance. Has this happened to anyone?

This TR is taking longer than I thought. So I'll try to summerize the rest. Notice the change with the attendance.

Short lines for SV did once front and back. Lisa sat out the second time.

Corkscrew: In station only. Cameras were removed. Same ol stupid Arrow. Once in the middle.

Power Tower: Once for drop and launch each.

Back to Renegade: Two train op. Line half way to the switchbacks. Sat second to last. Was definatly broke in for the day and moving great.

Return to WT: Two train op. Line out to switchbacks. Once near the back. Still my fav.

From that point we decided to check out the haunted stuff but we only went to 2 of them because the lines became very long. Of course we went to Carn Evil first. Worth the dollar for the 3-D glasses. Very cool and very freaky. Decided to go back thorough the cemetary and the fog machines were in full effect. Could not see for anything and admittedly got spooked a couple of times. The guy with the chainsaw was great.

Took a spin on the trappeeze in the fog. It is what it is. Had the 3-D glasses on to making the lights streak realy cool.

Made our way back around to the Asylum in the bumper car building. Laughed my way through that one. Some of the girls working in there were hot despite the gore makeup.

For a capper we went back to Renegade to find that they were back to one train op and an hour wait. That I did not understand at all. But the other two wanted to go one last time. While waiting in the que. I notice the Looping Starship was fogged in from the machines at the Carnage At Crimson Ilse. As it rotated, the fog was pulled up with it. I wanted to go ride that in the fog when done with Renegade but the fog had blown the other way and left the boat in the clear by the time I got there. Nedless to say even for the wait Renny was still great. But cold!

We made our way to the front gate via the cemetary once again. This time the warewolf made his presense known.

All in all a very long chilly day. And one of the best times I've had at VF. Too bad It's the end of the season.

Took the relatives back to their car at the mall. Said our goodbyes and went home.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

Sunday, October 28, 2007 11:11 PM
sws's avatar Hey John, thanks for the TR. Cindy and I were at VF today and had a blast. The weather was perfect (unusual for Minnesota this time of year) and the crowds were very small. Every ride was a walk-on - even Renegade with only one train running. It felt like unofficial ERT. Single trains on everything, yet everything was a walk-on. Even the Halloween mazes had minimal waits - longest was only 5 minutes. We were there from 1-4 and were able to do everything. Sarah went with some friends on Friday night and said the place was packed with huge lines. We had gone the first Saturday in October - lines were short during the day but the crowds arrived at 5pm and it was packed from that point on.

Got season passes for next year and was asking about plans for next year. Nothing to report. There's rumors about getting some of the left-overs from GL - nothing specific - I've heard some previous rumors about that. They also said the turnstiles at the CF parks may need to be replaced so they'll accept the platinum passes without having to go through guest relations at the other parks in the chain.

Anyways, I'm taking Sarah and a few of her friends to VF tomorrow night, then that will be it for the year for us. I do like that VF is open this week on Mon-Tues-Weds before closing for the season. I also like the perks with 2008 season passes - free season parking and one free admission to Valleyscare this year per pass.

Monday, October 29, 2007 9:48 AM
LuvRaptor's avatar Maybe it's just me but the weather in Minnesota is scary enough stuff for me! ;)

I have relatives who live in Mn and remember visiting them in late September years ago and it was in the freaking 30's, all the trees were already naked!

My uncle has recently invited me to visit since VF is only 15 minutes from them. If I do take him up on his offer it WILL be during the summer! ;)

I hate the falls and winters here in Ohio but people who live way north must be nuts! ;)

Great TRs! :)

Lifetime Raptor flights: 1229 :)

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Monday, October 29, 2007 2:08 PM
Hey Scott,

During the day we hit everything without a problem. ride wise and did so pretty much before 5:00. For me that was a typical Saturday this season. Going from lunch to dinner and then off to visit friends. With the exception of Labor Day weekend.

I will have to check out more of the mazes next year. I'm kind of kicking myself for not doing more of that. I would like to go back this week but it is unrealistc.

My season is over with VF.

LuvRaptor, I love to hear impressions of my home from other states. We're all like "Fargo" up here to alot of people, donchanoow. Ja!

Growing up here wasn't too bad. But as I get older I often wonder why I put up with the weather. I guess you could say it's like having a stockholme syndrome with the climate. It holds you hostage, but you begin to fall in love with it. Or at least miss it when it's gone. For me it's just home.

It only got into the -20's for about two weeks here last winter. Thanks to global warming.

I went to KI last June and thought it was great southern hospitality goin on in Cincy. I said that to a waitress at a Waffel House and she went "Southern Hospitaltiy?"

Thanks for another great season, VF!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007 2:34 PM
sws's avatar We were able to get back to Valleyfair! one last time last night. The park is open Mon-Tues-Weds this week before closing for the season. We bought 3 season passes for next year and were given three free passes for Halloween Haunt this season. Sarah invited three of her friends to come along for free. There is something special about watching four 13- year old girls screaming hysterically while being chased by a Psycho clown wielding a chainsaw - PRICELESS! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Weather was perfect. Crowds were good - not overwhelming but more than I would have predicted for a school night at the end of October. The park had said the outdoor mazes would be closed but they were all open except for Hellside Farm. The clown maze and asylum were the best IMO. The Steel Venom and Excalibur sides of the park were closed. Corkscrew was closed. Other major rides were open, although smaller rides were not. Extreme Swing and Power Tower opened later. Very fun night and a great season for Valleyfair! Crowds seemed good this October when the weather cooperated, so hopefully Valleyscare will return next October. Most of the shops had their merchandise boxed up and were empty. Sad to see the season end. :(
Saturday, November 3, 2007 9:44 PM
LuvRaptor's avatar

sws said:
Sad to see the season end.

As for us Geauga Lake fans it was REALLY sad to see our season end! :(

Alot of the Valleyscare stuff came from GL *sigh*

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