Valleyfair TR Tuesday May 13th.

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Our group got to the park at around 9:45AM, and I didn't see Extreme Swing running. (my heart skipped a beat or two) We got in, and my friends wanted to go on Corkscrew, and I wanted to go on Steel Venom. Wow, that's a tough decision for an enthusiast. We ended up going on Corkscrew, and it was ok. We then walked through the little cut through section that goes under Corkscrew. We went over to Power Tower, and decided to ride the red one. (launched down) I prefer this one because it really gives you great airtime, and a great view of how big the buildings are that the haunted houses at Valleyscare are going to be. It was about a 5 minute wait and then we got on. You suprisingly go up pretty fast. We got to the top and i counted the 12 seconds away. I held my hands and legs out and we fell. (airtime heaven!)
We then decided to go to Extreme Swing. (luckily, it was running) We got about half way through the line and then two of my friends wanted to go play DDR, so they did that. They had never experienced the ride so I thought that was kinda dumb. I sat at the last seat of one of the swings' arms. It started off with a jolt which was fun to me, and then got into full swing. When it did get to full swing we looked straigt down into the pond by Power Tower. Does Skyhawk do that? Anyway... loved ES. Then we headed over to Hydro Blaster. We waited about 30 seconds for that. It was dark/fun/pointless. After Hydro, we went over to the second worst water attraction of the park: The Waterpark! -- Boring, Raging Rapids was ok, but the rest is basically just a bunch of twisted tunnels. Not fun. After an hour of torture, I checked out the "construction site" right outside of the waterpark. ( there really was no construction site. no markers, no nothin) After that detour, we made our way over to the flume. My friend tried not to get wet, but did. He got mad. It was fun/funny. After the Flume... Wild Thing. I got kinda scared looking at the people come out of the tunnel out onto the brake run. We waited about 5 minutes for WT, and then got front seat. I have mixed reviews for this ride. I love how big it is, but I hate that you don't get that much airtime. My friend lifted up part of his shirt in the tunnel for the on-ride pic, and when we went to look at the picture, I asked, "could I see picture A104?" (or whatever) and the lady said, "Due to the content of the picture, we are not allowed as a park to view that image."
... That kinda sound like something they say before 24 or something. The rest of the day, we basically floated around the lazy river and went on ES. Overall, good day. I had fun.

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