Valleyfair TR (5/13/06)

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I went to Valleyfair on Saturday, expecting it to be flooded with school groups and Valleyfair fans... It wasn't. I came to the gates at 9:45 AM, bought my admission, and got in.

First I went to Xtreme Swing due to the fact that I had already been on every ride in the park previously. I got in line and I saw it run, and I must say, I'm impressed. I sat on the right wing on the far right side. Only eight other people were waiting for it when I came, so I got on quickly. The right started out with a jolt forward which felt weird, but awesome. After we were in full swing, I realized how great this ride is. I like the aspect of a person going over 90 degrees, 125 feet in the air with only a lap bar to hold on to. After the ride, I went up to Wild Thing. I got in line, waited about three minutes. I rode in back only because I wanted some airtime. When the car got back to the station, there was a giant line waiting for the front. I didn't see many people when I got in the park.

Next, I went back down towards Steel Venom and Challenge Park. On my way, I saw that Skyscraper was going for only $5.00, so I hopped on that. I really hate how long it takes for the people to strap you in, and how tight they make it. Oh well, I'd rather be strapped in tightly than loosely. I really do like the ride because of the great view, the awesome flips over the top, and that you're in Wild Things turnaround over the parking lot.

I headed towards Steel Venom next, and found myself waiting in line for only about five minutes. They were having problems with the shoulder harnesses. That happens a lot when I go there. After the delay, I went in back only because it's awesome on the second cycle backwards, you get held up 180 feet in the air. It was a good ride.

Here are my ride ratings at Valleyfair.

High Roller: 8/10
Wild Thing: 7/10
Excalibur: 3/10 (It's way too rough of a ride)
Steel Venom: 9/10
Corkscrew: 5/10
Xtreme Swing: 10/10
Riptide: 7/10

Overall, I had a good day at Valleyfair. I love the addition of Xtreme Swing, and the new food stalls/shops. I headed home at around 5:00PM, but before that I had one last ride on Xtreme Swing to make it my 12th of the day.

I was also there that day & had a great time. I'll make a trip report sometime this week. Gotta agree, Xtreme Swing is a great addition to the park, got the first ride [excluding the Taco Bell contest riders, didn't win :(] & rode it 10-15 other times that day. Glad to hear you had such a good time! *** Edited 5/16/2006 11:25:37 PM UTC by Dr. DOOM 1289***
Yeah, I'm going back June 13th, and I'm planning to ride it over 50 times during the day. Possible? I don't know at this point. It kinda depends on the lines, but that's what I'm shootin for.

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