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Sunday, August 6, 2000 9:34 PM
Here is my TR from my trip to Valleyfair on August 2nd. The weather was just great, the park wasn't very crowded, and it was just a great day! But I noticed that some of the parts of Valleyfair seem not to be planned very well. I mean, I think Excalibur would have alot more riders if it wasn't so far back in the park. I find it a little difficult to find, and I imagine some people probably do not ride it simply because it is so far to walk. Also, CHAOS seems to be kinda set back in an odd place. If they started the queue line right off the main walkway, I think it would have alot more riders. Also, the entrance to Wild Thing is a little out of the way, too. But I still enjoyed the park very much! I especially liked the Mad Mouse (It was so fun!)! It was probably my fav coaster in the park. I also enjoyed CHAOS very much. The ark had this nice feel to it, it wasn't really huge, just nice. Overall, I like it alot!

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