Valleyfair or Nickelodean Universe?

It looks like I'm going to get to the Bloomington, MN area later this summer. I'll probably have a choice to visiting Nickelodean Universe or Valleyfair. Looking at them, I can see positives and negatives for both. I'm wondering what your opinions would be as far as choice goes (barring lousy weather which would obviously lead me to choose NU.

Thanks for your feedback.

Valleyfair looks a lot better imo. Better thrills are there. NU looks a bit kiddish.

Last summer, we went to Valleyfair, Nick Universe and the Waterpark of America in one day (and spent a little time in the Mall of America). So depending on how much time you have, you may be able to visit both. My review of the two parks is linked below. If I had to pick one, I would probably go with VF.

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If you haven't been to either, maybe you should refrain from posting and go back to throwing coins off Diamondback.

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I think overall there's a lot more to do at Valleyfair, obviously. For me, Renegade is worth the price of admission alone. They have a nice collection of coasters overall, and a few interesting flat rides. Adequate, if not ground breaking, water park, too.

Nick U. does have some really interesting rides, including that new Ninja Turtles thing, and I really like the Sponge Bob and Odd coasters. Huge fan of the half-pipe, too. Neat old log flume there.

If you're pressed for time, the mall is probably better only because everything is on top of each other and there aren't that many rides. But if you have some quality time, Valleyfair is definitely a better choice. And did I mention it has Renegade?

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I did MoA in about 2 hours and got bored, so take that for what it's worth.

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I think weather will be the most important deciding factor. If it's a nice sunny day, go to Valleyfair. It has been a very cold and rainy spring/summer in MN thus far. There's more to do at Valleyfair. Avoid going on a Saturday if at all possible. Buy your tickets at a Cubs Foods grocery store for a discount.

Valleyfair currently is holding a deal where adults can buy tickets at the kids price of $30. I think that deal expires shortly.

You shouldn't need to buy a fastpass if you don't go on a Saturday.

Also, if you have the time; Nick U (last time I went at least) had a great deal on a wristband after 5pm on a weeknight. You only need 2-4 hours there, so the evening pass is defiantly worth it and will allow you to spend a whole day at Valleyfair as well.

Valleyfair is a full size amusement park, Nick U is a themed land, if you have to choose go to Valleyfair. Renegade and Wild Thing>>>Spongebob and Avatar.

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Nickelodeon Universe can be done in less than four hours (I know because I visited this park in 2009) So if you can do both go for it. However, if you are forced to choose one I recommend Valleyfair! Renegade is the ruling coaster in this neck of the woods. Como Park has a Zamperla "Credit" Coaster, this park can be done than less than one hour. ;)

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Thanks everyone. You have confirmed what I was already thinking and I will definitely plan on spending the day at Valleyfair as long as weather permits. We are planning on going to MOA for a day, so I might be able to check out the evening wrist band deal if they have it. Or I might just get a few points and try a couple of the more interesting looking rides while my wife and daughter hit the stores. Time isn't really an issue since we are planning two days in the area. It is more of an issue of money.

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You can easily do Nickelodeon's in 1-2 hours. Here is the link concerning the after 5pm discount.

They also have a points system if you only want to do a couple of rides.

I couldn't image spending more than 2 hours there. If your wife wants to do some shopping, this would give you an easy out.

While at Nick U be sure to not miss the Jimmy Neutron ride, its very rare flat and a lot of fun. Their Log Chute is also a fantastic ride, remember this park was originally run by the Knotts family and this ride is a mini version of the Timber Mt Log Flume at Knotts (with a Paul Bunyan theme.)

I havent ridden the "Brain Drain" flat but it looks neat too.

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