Valleyfair! On Ten Bucks!

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The trick is to have a friend whose wife works for Boston Scientific. The company rents out the whole park for employees and thier freinds and family...I think every other year. So I got a free ticket and $10 "valleyfair dollars". I had no Idea there was such a thing.

Parking was also on the company tab.

There were eight of us 5 adults, and eight year old tripletts. I had been there 3 times during the season so I was just along for the "ride" and to follow the group. Maybe see some evidence of Renegade progress...

To start, I have to say that the park was the most crowded I've seen all year. And it was AFTER regular season. Then I remembered that Boston Sci. recently bought out Guidant and that made an impact on the crowd size. They come out of the woodwork when it's free. I should talk, eh?

Also it was obvious they were getting ready for Valleyscare. There was a herse in front of the ticket booths and plenty of cool props all over the park. I won't give anything away other than the bumper cars and Gasoline Alley arcade were closed in preparation for that event. I will have to get there later this month. It looked very cool.

Downside to the day was that the food services were not at full capacity to handle the unusually large crowd. Alot of places were closed up for the season and there were makeshift tents selling hot dogs, burgers and drinks. Luckily for me I still got my Chicago dog at Coney Corner but it took a half hour to get it. That and a drink took the "valleyfair dollars" for lunch. The $10 out of my own pocket went to Panda Express for dinner which also took a half hour to get. Both were excelent despite the prices.

On to the rides:

High Roller - 2 trains, line came down to the tree, 15 min wait. No stacking. Unfortunately they still had the heavy trims on before the return run. Loved the over padded seating this year but it is not the ride I grew up with. Had more fun watching the kids freak out on it.

Excalibur - 1 train. The PA system mic started to short out so the ride op couldn't tell us to keep our hands, feet...blah, blah, blah. Maintinance was called and after about 15 minutes and 3 replacement mics, I covinced my friends that we go get lunch (Chicago Dog). I never knew a PA system could shut down a ride like that.

Went back later in the day. Once again not the ride I grew up with. The trims at the first drop wreck the experience for me. It is a smoother ride than it used to be, but I always thought this coaster was way too short.

Wild Thing - 2 trains, no stacking, line only went around 1 switchback. 15 minute wait. I know that alot of you guys think this one is over rated but it's my hometown fave. I always get great float time on the second hill. Yes the trims come into play to ruin a good time once again.

Corkscrew - 2 trains, some stacking, line didn't even come out of the station. I can fall asleep on this one. It is one of the smoothest Arrows I know. VF realy needs to improve things in the steel looper department. B&M in 2008 anyone?

Steel Venom - What can I say about this one except that it is always a good time.

Xtreme Swing - BOTH SIDES WERE WORKING! Best advice...if possible pick the side facing the building so you can look down at the schlubbs watching on the pavement below. The other side makes you look down on the roof of the building.

Did not do any flats except the swing and Power Tower. And that is what it is too.

I was impressed on how well the rides were being handled that day. Despite Excalibur's misshap. I think that they ran better than any other time I was there this year. Happy to have this place in my "back yard".

And thank you Boston Scientific. *** Edited 10/5/2006 2:53:38 AM UTC by WildThingNative***

Thanks for another great season, VF!

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