Valleyfair IMAX theater set on fire prior to demolition

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There was a real life drama at the IMAX in Shakopee Monday night. Fire and smoke was all part of a drill to help emergency responders prepare for the worst case scenario. It all start with a call at 6 p.m. that the IMAX theatre was burning and there were still people inside.

Read more and see video from KSTP/Twin Cities.

To me, the potential of what they can do with the area without the IMAX is greater than the IMAX which is greater than a Snoopy ice show. Hopefully they will build something worthwhile there.

I have a friend who bought a house a few years back on Lake Erie and tore it down to build a new one. Before they tore it down, they donated it to a fire departement (or community college with a fire fighting training program) for training purposes. I would think that those types of real world training opportunities are very valuable for fire departments.

The seller of the house was pretty upset when a rep from the fire department walked around the house before the sale closed to scope it out for the burn down. Friend was barred from the property until the sale closed. Buying the house without the sale being subject to an inspection of the property should have been the seller's first clue.

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Wished they would have thought of this for Son of Beast. For the training of heroic firefighters … and the revenge of mauled enthusiasts.

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Just testing out the new YouTube feature. :)

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Is that one of the new surprises in the forums? But what if I want to prove a link to this:

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If you do a link, it's a link. If you just paste in the URL and don't make it a link, it's an embedded video.

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They said they were going to demolish the Imax theatre to make way for a new future expansion project. What would that be? I'd like to see a new Max Air ride like at Cedar Point in the Imax location flatten the land out or a Wind Seeker as high as Power Tower since they cant go any higher then 275 feet.

Also for the new ride Route 66 it shows that the Antique Autos will be around the ride? Are they moving the current Antique Autos over by the new Route 66 ride? And what's going to go in the Antique Autos area? Could that be a area for a new B&M inverted rollercoaster? Good area lots of land for one. Down by the picnic cove?

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Based on proximity, I would put my money on Soak City expansion. And the water park is landlocked on all other sides.

The car ride's been gone, Dinosaurs Alive is there now. That's why it's "retuning".

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James Whitmore said:

Based on proximity, I would put my money on Soak City expansion. And the water park is landlocked on all other sides.

I'm sure that complete pos Excalibur is on it's way out too. They need that space for the waterpark.

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Do NOT speak negatively of Excalibur. It's simply misunderstood. You can be on your way out!

~Rob :)

Agreed. I totally enjoyed Excalibur and thought it was unique if nothing else. I rode it many times on a slow day.

The next time I went I was sad to see it down all day, and no, it wasn't on account of a flood.

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