Valleyfair 7/9/2016

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Valleyfair is a smaller Cedar Fair park, yet very pleasant. Here is how my day went:

I arrived at Valleyfair on Saturday, thinking the parking lot would be crowded because it was a weekend. However, I was surprised to see the parking lot bereft of cars twenty minutes before the park opened. When the park did open, we (referring to my family and I) hit the Mad Mouse and the Looping Starship to kill time before spending a couple hours at Soak City. Mad Mouse would be a great ride for someone who is interested in starting to become a coaster rider. Looping Starship is a solid flat ride that hangs you upside down for a good amount of time.

I will not comment a whole lot about Soak City, but I will admit that the slides were awesome! Also the Wave and Thunder Canyon are water rides that both drench you.

After Soak City and the water rides, we ate and planned to ride the Ferris Wheel as we digested. To our dismay, the Ferris Wheel which did not look very good in the realm of Ferris Wheels, had a long line. We skipped it and headed to High Roller. The wait was about 25 min, and the coaster ended up being one of the better out and backs I have ridden.

Corkscrew was next. The wait was 15 min, and the ride was average. The drop was below average, and the only element that keeps this attraction kicking is the corkscrew over Planet Snoopy.

Then we decided to walk to the front of the park and test out Route 76. I definitely think there would be enough space to place a flat ride inside Wild Thing's helix, but I do not know how that idea is progressing. We hopped onto Northern Lights, and received a thrilling ride, despite my first judgments of the off ride. We curved back to Steel Venom after Northern Lights. Steel Venom was INTENSE!!! It offers a unique ride experience with blazing speed; a Steel Venom is a must do for thrill seekers. At the end of the day, I bought a Steel Venom T-shirt. This might have been the most intense ride I have ever had on a rollercoaster.

Following Route 76, we found our way to Power Tower. The one at Valleyfair is a S&S tower, contributing one Space Shot and two Turbo Drops. These were typical towers with a tickety-boo wait: nothing overly special.

Subsequent to Power Tower we rode the Xtreme Swing. This ride was my FAVORITE AND BEST RIDE AT THE PARK!!!!! The swing set was stupendous, had great operations, and provided a sensation that will stick with me and guided me back to its line again and again. If you do not experience the Xtreme Swing at Valleyfair, you missed out BIG TIME.

The Morgan Hypercoaster in Wild Thing roped us in line next. This was a fun coaster, a little rough, and not as good as Mamba at Worlds of Fun. Still, this was a coaster I rode more than once.

Wandering back through the long and skinny park in Shakopee, Minnesota, we patiently stayed in line for Renegade nearly an hour. Turns out, it was absolutely worth it! Renegade had it all with the drop, relentless speed and intensity, and most importantly the airtime! This GCI was my most preferred coaster at Valleyfair, and I find it superior to Prowler at Worlds of Fun.

At the very back of the park you will see the Excalibur. It is the only hybrid coaster I have ridden, so I can't compare it to much. Other then the drop, it is a rough ride that does not last very long. I can see why they want to tear it down to open up space for a Soak City parking lot. Either way, I would not really care.

During my stay, we ate at Chickie and Pete's, which had really good food. We also fined at Coasters Drive In, where they gave my father a gluten free bun right out of the freezer...he could not even bite into it. One of the workers there did not even known what a gluten allergy was!

I rode most of the rides multiple times, because it is a smaller park. The top three coasters there in my opinion would go Renegade, Wild Thing, and Steel Venom. The best ride at Valleyfair is the Xtreme Swing. If you are in the area or a coaster geek and want the credits, go ahead and plan a visit. If you are not in the area, maybe hold off. The only reason I went was because I was involved in a track meet in Mankato, Minnesota, and was eager to make the hour drive up to Shakopee.

I will be updating my ranked track record in the next day or two. Please take a look and make sure to stay alert, for I will be in Eureka, Missouri to test out Six Flags St. Louis in the next ten days. I will post a review for SFSL as well.

Cole Mingo

(AKA Barry Allen and Niles Crane amalgamated).

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