Valleyfair! 6/6/04

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Hey, Everyone. I got to the park around 11, not many people around for the most part, although there was a large line for season pass processing.

First ride of the day as always was Steel Venom. I did that 4 times then carried on to the rest of the park. I heard of the 'ejector' seat on Wild Thing for the first time this week and gave it a go. Holy Crap! On the first and second hills there was amazing air time! Probably the best ride on that ride yet this year. Went over to Power Tower and took two spins. I love sitting next to people who have never riden the ride before, it is alot of fun to tell them all about the ride. Anyways, after that I went of to the back of the park to ride Excalibur. That thing gets more violent every year. I felt a little shook up after that and slowly walked to the front again. I was about to ride High Roller, but descided not to after seeing its line. The crowds wer'nt to bad for the most part, usually walk on to 15 minute wait, thats normal for Valleyfair!.

I then went back to Steel Venom to marathon it for an hour or two. If only Valleyfair! could take out theAntique Cars ride. That could leave some very needed space for a nice B&M inverted roller coaster that could have big swooping turns out into the parking lot. So back to Steel Venom. Went on it ten more times in the next half hour, every time being a walk on. I then left around two thirty. Overall not a bad day at my home park.

Thanks for reading!

Nice TR!

I agree with you on the antique autos. It takes up alot of needed space for a coaster, just like picnic cove and the waterpark. I don't know if Valleyfair! can afford to lose part of the parking lot for busy Saturdays though.

Well we'll see what they do for the next coaster in 1-3 years!

Why are high roller lines so long, they were long when I was there. Dont they ever run two trains?


Maxil223 said:Why are high roller lines so long, they were long when I was there. Dont they ever run two trains?

They run two trains on most days. Its just just a pretty popular coaster. I mean its the only wooden coaster there and its a coaster that kids aren't afraid of and that all the family can enjoy, unlike some familys who don't all like the big rides like Steel Venom, Wild Thing, and Power Tower. *** Edited 6/7/2004 2:24:42 AM UTC by VenomThing***

Every time I've been there this year they have only been running one train. But your right VenomThing, it is a very popular coaster.
But remember Steel Venom07, you go on sundays mostly like me and thats not a very busy day. I esspessialy like the new air-gates...I got sick of hearing, "PLEASE STAY BACK BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE!"...over and over again!
Glad you found air on Wild Thing. I was the one that posted that 1.3 is the ejector seat. You really get good air in any seat on the first car, but it is the strongest usually in the third seat. That second hill is just awesome.
A CF park running one train on a coaster that is capable of running multiple trains?

It can't be. :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Yah, Wild Thing was really amazing, thanks for that tip RavenTTD. Most of Valleyfair!s coasters only run with one train, mainly because they don't need more than one train because theres never a wait anyways. The only rides that definently need two trains running are Wild Thing and High Roller. I've only seen Wild Thing running with one train once, and that was last weekend.
Corkscrew needs two trains some times too it just depends on the day.

I've heard that this years attendance is way down from last years. Well with rain the first 3 weekends how can't it be!

I don't have numbers, but last year seemed a lot more crowded than prior years. Maybe it is going back to normal.
Your right about last year. We had a 7% increase in attendance over all, which brought us up to roughely 1.1 million people! We had 12% increase in the month of August alone.

It did seem alot more crowded but thats just because of the good marketing for Steel Venom and the very good weather we had last year!

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