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Saturday, June 14, 2003 7:01 AM
I left for Valleyfair around 11:15, and arrived there around 12:00, we quickly took a quick ride on The Wave, and headed for the 1st roller coaster of the day, corckscrew.

Corckscrew was my very first "big" roller coaster when I rode it in 1995, so I have always liked this coaster. Now with my upper-body being taller than last year, my head no longer bangs around during the corckscrews (yay!). I have always thought that this coaster has great landscaping, which further enhances the fun of the ride. Grade: B

Next we stopped for Pizza and went to High Roller. I have always really liked the High Roller, although everyone I know tends to hate it, I really like the old trains, and how comfortable they are. My favorite part of this ride has to be the back-stretch of this ride, the last three bunny hills provide good airtime. Grade B

After High Roller we went to Wild Thing, this coaster is my favorite ride in the park, and its IMO, one of the most under-rated coasters I have ever ridden. The second hill gives maximum air time, and the first hill is phoenominal! And if you ride this coaster at night without trims, it is absolutley amazing. Grade: A-

After Wild Thing, we roamed around the park for a while, going on various flat rides, and water rides, then we decided to go to Steel Venom.

I kinda already had a sense of what steel venom was going to be like, because I had ridden V2, the year before. After a wait no longer then 15 minutes, I hopped into the second row . We took off flying nearly 68 mph. The back spick second time around always catches me by surprise. I thought it was fantastic, a great addition to Valleyfair, (although I still wish it were double impulse). Grade:A-

We roamed around the park for a couple more hours getting in more rides of Wild thing, Corckscrew, Excalibur, and Steel Venom. Overall I thought the park was very clean, the employies were awesome (even one of the employies that was measuring kids to go oon Steel Venom stopped to play a little bit of basketball with my little cousin). I also thought the food was pretty good too, but still overly priced, I hope to be going to Valleyfair, a lot more this season, Its a wonderful Park! Overall Grade: A-

Saturday, June 14, 2003 5:33 PM
Thanks for the TR. We were just there a week ago but didn't feel like doing a TR of my own. Over all I agree VF is a great little park. Although we had one minor problem with one of the ride ops on Excalibur but other than that we had an awesome time. I'll make ever effort to visit again if I'm in the area.

Kevin Stone
NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulator


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