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Thursday, February 10, 2005 8:05 PM
Well I guess about back in the middle of Augest sometime, me, my uncle, and aunt, and two cousins went to Valleyfair! Well after our 2 hour ride to get there, it didn't take to long to get into the parking spots. My uncle and the rest of them had bought tickets already so I had to wait in line, it was only about 10 min. to get in.

Once we got in the park we had some workers come up to us and ask if we wanted a picture. We got two of those then my uncle and I made our way toward Wild Thing. Once we got up to the queue there was barely anyone in line so we got on like in 5 min. Now Wild Thing is an amazing roller coaster with the largest weightless zone in the world, with an awesome drop to boot.

After we got off Wild Thing we had to go again since the line was so short. We got on in 5 min. tops again. It was just as good as the first time. After we got off we saw my aunt with the two kids standing waiting for us to get done, since my cousins are two scared to go on. When we're in line for it the 3rd time we looked back and didn't see my aunt so we decied to go 2 more times after that, we went on it 5 times right away.

After that we we head over and get in line for Corkscew. The line was really long since it's only one train operation. It takes a good 25 min. before we got on. The ride itself is pretty fun. Its kind of bumpy though. I got a little banged up, but all in all, fun.

After that we decide two check out the new thrill in the park. Steel Venom. It's kind of funny, when we were pulling up to the park and I showed my uncle he said that it didn't even look like a roller coaster and it wouldn't be bad at all. He had a different opinion when we were standing right up next to it. It only took not even 10 min. to get on. The people working were doing a really good job moving people on and off. Steel Venom is one of those great rides that you just have to go on. I went on that a second time after that.

After Steel Venom we are walking and stop to get a dougnut and one of the shops. They wern't has good as Krispy Kreams, but then again not many are. :) I run into my little cousin and we wants to go on the car ride. The line for that is extremely long. The longest wait of the day. A good 40 min. I tell ya those pedals are pretty hard to hold down.

So after that we decide to go on the River Rapids. I didn't get wet until the end of the ride. That was a really long long wait.. close to an hour. So my uncle and I decide since we're wet we need to go on a roller coaster to dry off. So we make our way over to Excaliber.

The line was really short for that we got on in no time. They had to trains running. I sat in the very back. The first drop is awesome on it with alot of high speed turns. At one point I swear that you could reach you hand out and hit one of the supports at on point. So to prove that.. we went on it again. It was pretty rough but then again thats what makes a good woodie.

Since we're in the vansinity we make our way over to High Roller. The line was quite long on the classic coaster. Even with the two train oporation. It took a good 15-20 min. to get on. once again sat in the very back of that and my uncle said that they put some breaks or something because it wasn't going that fast over the hills. It was a very fun coaster. Only went on it once though.

After that we head over to get some pizza next the the swinging pirate ship. And I meet up with my little cousin. I finally talk him into going on the Wild Mouse. The only way I got him on was to say it was smaller an slower then the Pepsi Ripsaw at the Mall of America. Which we were at the day prior.

The line for the Mouse was very long, it took a good half hour to get on. I wasn't pleased because a bunch of little kids were jumping the line, and the employes actually did something about it. They almost got kicked out of that ride. So we finally get on and, well its a wild mouse. They are all fun. Alot of tight turns. It was a good ride.

After the Mouse my uncle and me go on Wild Thing two more times. They still only have 2 train oporation and it was moving pretty good. Only took about 10 min to get on both times.

After that we head over to Power Tower. We went on the drop side. It was really fun. Only went on that once. So after that we go get some Dip-n-Dots and go sit in some shade next to the High Roller.

After that we make our way over to Steel Venom. The lines a little longer. Takes about 15-20 min to get on. Then we go on a second time after that.

Its getting kind of dark so we head over for 2 more rides on wild thing. Took close to 30 min to get on.

Its gettin dark and I want to get over to Steel Venom but my cousin wants to go on the Falling Star so we get in line for that. There was some little mechanical problem but it was fixed in a matter of minutes and we got on that.

So we get over to Steel Venom and the line is coming out of the queue. It takes like 40 min to get on. We had my aunt go to a spot right in front of it and take our pictur on the launch. Now you have to ride in the front seat of that, it's the best. The back is pretty cool because its pulling some great positive G's.

So after that we pick up our pictures that we had taken earlier and I buy a Steel Venom shirt. Or what my uncle called it at first "Aluminum Python" LOL.

So all in all a great day at Valleyfair.

Totall coaster ride count for the day: 19

Totall rides on Wild Thing: 9 , 10/10

Totall rides on Steel Venom: 5 , 10/10

Total rides on Corkscrew: 1 , 8/10 Because it was the only looping coaster in the park.

Totall rides on High Roller: 1 , 6/10 Not as fast as I would have liked

Total rides on Excaliber: 2 , 9/10 Very rought but that added to the over all enjoyable expeirence.

Total rides on Wild Mouse: 1 , 7/10 Alright of a ride.

The staff was really nice and all the rides were working smoothly. The only problem I saw was on Wild Mouse when the kids were skipping in the line, but an employee stopped that.

If you live in the area or if you ever get the chance head over to Valleyfair! It's a great park with top notch coasters for people of all sizes.

And this summer they are adding a new flat ride. A top spin "Rip-Tide."

That was my trip to Valleyfair!

i'm not sure what to put here..

Friday, February 11, 2005 7:11 PM
Yeah, I forgot to mention that we went on the Log Flume.... It was a really fun flume. It had a great drop... just thought I'd that little tid-bit.

i'm not sure what to put here..

Monday, June 6, 2005 7:36 PM
Wow thats suprising that you waited so long for those... I suggest Kennywood! ;)

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