Valley Fair! 6/16

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Went to Valley Fair! for the first time in a few years, mostly for the new coaster, Renegade. Got to the park about 1/2 after opening, and went to the Customer Relations office to be let in. Somehow me and my companion were the first and only non Valley Fair! passholders in the park at that point. After speedy entry off we went. First off was Corkscrew. Last time I rode this, this was a typical Arrow headbanger, so I was prepared. :) Well I was pleasantly surprised! A bit rough yeah, but not anything like I remember. And good air on this one! Corkscrew had onboard cameras on each car, didnt look like they were selling too many videos. Next up, the ACE coaster classic, High Roller. Nice. Good air in a few places and back n forth motion since there are no dividers between the people. Decided to skip Mad Mouse since I had just ridden the one at Michigan's Adventure earlier this month. Next up was Renegade! Now I was getting excited. I really expected a LONG wait for this one, but only took maybe 20-25mins for the wait. I would dread a long wait on this one if the wait was longer. Not alot of air circulation in the queue area. HOT HOT HOT! The millennium flyer trains were great on this one. Never had ridden one before and was quite comfortable. I had seen the online representation of this one and it does not do it justice! This is one intense coaster! Speed throughout the entire ride. I even had my stomach do a little turn, which doesn't happen anymore. Great great coaster. Rode this one twice. After this, went to the Log Flume. Nice cool down and got quite wet on this one. Onto Wild Thing. Lovely air and speed on this baby. Good as I remember. Decided to skip Excalibur. Didn't feel like having my inner being shaken to death. I've never had a ride I've enjoyed on that one. Last coaster was Steel Venom. Nice intense speed.

All in all, for a Saturday the park was kinda empty I thought. But being Father's Day weekend may have had something to do with it. Except for Corkscrew, ride hosts were kicking out the trains and the waits were very minimal. I may just go back again this summer, just for Renegade. This is one kick *ss coaster!

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I have to admit that I've been skipping Corkscrew for the last couple of years because it always gave me a headache. I'll have to give it another chance next time I'm at VF. It was exceptionally hot this weekend in MN, which may have kept crowds light.

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