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Thursday, July 1, 2004 4:25 PM
Last week, my wife and I took 6 days to be together and explore HW and IB.

Tuesday, June 22nd: Driving 6 hours from Toledo to Santa Claus, we arrived as the last 2 trains rambled through Raven's course as we checked into Lake Randolph's Campground. Let me say one thing about the Campground, H-U-G-E! The friendly staff directed us to our site, where we found a huge party back in the woods.

Wednesday, June 23rd: The next morning we arrived at the park around 10:30am via Shuttle and took a spin on Raven with a 20 minute wait. Not a problem, I knew they would both be walk ons later in the afternoon. We walked around riding a few rides here and there with Liberty Launch and Raging Waters as our last before we entered Splashin' Safari. Solid air from the Launch the a very wet ride in the tubs. Since we missed last season, we rode Zoombabwe, Zinga and Jungle Jets with great hilarity. Zinga is AMAZING! It's better than Zoombabwe, which was pleasant surprise. Jungle Jets was terrific, too. The staff pushes patrons through at an astonishing pace, that aides with the long lines.

While my wife sunned at the Wave Pool, I grabbed 10 rides a piece on the monster woodies which are running very well. I had to have 8 of the 10 rides on Raven in the back car to catch ejector air on the 5th hill. Both are outstanding coasters and will be placed in the Hall of Fame in the year 2500, but I have to give the nod to the Legend. The more I rode this (mini) beast, the air, laterals and power was more enjoyable, overall.

Overall: The staff is still the best of any park I have visited and the freebies (pop, sun screen and parking) make this park one of the most enjoyable experiences a family can have in a day.

Thursday, June 24th: We downed the tent and headed to more civil surroundings. No more burnt weenies, marshmallows and the nauseating scent of campfire on our clothes... we were in Indianapolis. We threw the crap in the Red Roof and headed out for steaks at the Outback before driving south into the city. You see, our goal in our summers, is to visit as many coaster and ball parks that we can. Both of us are big time baseball fans, so we ventured to Victory Field in downtown Indy for a AAA minor league affair between the Indians and the Syracuse Sky Chiefs. If you enjoy baseball, this is a gorgeous place to watch a game. Indians management do a great job of catering to the little leauges in the area and have many activities during the game. Great game, too.....Indians won 6-5 with some dramatic plays in the 8th & 9th to perserve the victory.

Friday, June 25th: Family time. We have been planning this trip since February with 28 others to join in our wedding celebration. Danielle and I married in December and wanted to have a family gathering away from T-Town. While people were coming in between Noon and 4pm, I was marathoning Cornball and the Hurricane. Both running extremely well. LoCoSuMo is still a treat, too.

Here are some highlights of Indiana Beach that the family discovered while on the strip. a) My 59 year old mother was like a child again. She said that the park reminded her of Chippewa Lake and Euclid Beach where she grew up as a kid. b) Festivus for the Rest of US! We aired our grievances on the Bumper Cars, 20 of us! Way too much fun, so we did it twice. c) Sink the Sub game next to LoCoSuMo. My cousin and I spent 5 minutes inside the sub, while our family drilled us with rubber balls from the train and the midway. This is a MUST DO while at IB. d) Spending $4 on Sink the Sub was great, but Frankenstein's Castle is still a HOOT. We scared the Bejesus out of everyone walking through the wicked maze of animation in the castle. e) One of the best lazy rivers in the waterpark business. Created out of a cement barrier, where the current is strong, but gives a long, relaxing run through the slides and next to Galaxie. f) Pure power of the Hurricane. Great laterals on the turnaround and some good air this year. g) Cornball still rules in the front seat. 4 pops of great air in a short run, but one of the most imaginative coasters on the planet. I'm still in amazement on how they got that thing stuck in there. (Can I be anymore gramatically incorrect?) h) Golfers: Tippacanoe Country Club is a great golf course. i) Penthouse #1 is perfect for a weekend gathering, but we are getting the big cottage next summer and bringing the boat. Next years plans have already been made. A full week, with a boat, water skiis, plenty of golf and coasters and did I

Indiana Beach provided a great experience for all of us. From the staff that took care of our rooms to the laid back ride ops in the park. This place is not overly expensive either and caters to families. Our family had a memorable weekend and still are sending emails to each other talking about it a week later.

Thanks Holiday World and Indiana Beach for a great week!

There's nothing like a woodie...
Thursday, July 1, 2004 10:20 PM
When it comes to ride prices at Indiana beach, does the ride sessions include every ride there or does it exclude some of the better rides such as cornball?
Thursday, July 1, 2004 11:00 PM
Thursday, July 1, 2004 11:32 PM
Fanatic, the ride sessions are from 11-6 and 4-11 for $14. But the deal is $27 for the entire day for the rides and waterpark. The rides that you have to pay are Skycoaster, Frankenstein's Castle, the Sink the Sub game and the 2 mini golf courses.

The best scenario is to stay all day and enjoy everything IB has to offer. If you purchase single tickets it's expensive as hell. $5 to ride the coasters is too steep.

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Friday, July 2, 2004 12:49 AM
The wristbands were 18/session plus 2/admission. Cornball had more than 4 moments of air in the front when I was there. The back was almost as good.
Tuesday, July 6, 2004 4:18 PM
Relate to your Mother that IB used Euclid Beach Park Popcorn Balls for media promotion when CornBall opened.

Thursday, July 8, 2004 11:53 PM
Glad you enjoyed the Midwest's finest! I love that the lazy river is called "action river," even though it's usually really crowded and the route is long and straight. :)

"Want to be upside down, maybe thrown from side to side" - The New Pornographers, The Fake Headlines

Friday, July 9, 2004 4:53 PM
Dawn, this is my 4th trip in 4 years and plan to go back next June. Worth every penny! Action River, the giant concrete human floating trough behind the pool!?!?! What a hoot! What you don't get in high class corporate thrills you gain in charm on a boardwalk with a beautiful view of Lake Shaffer.
There's nothing like a woodie...

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