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Ok, heres the deal. I'm planning for myself and my 2 kids a trip to Disney in Orlando. looking at 2008 or 09. I would like for it to be special with an amusment park stop along the way. Although I got much planning and ways to go I figure I'd get CoasterBuzz's input on where you all would go if you were going to stop at a theme park, somewhere between St. Louis and Orlando. A side choice I have instead of Disney is Cedar Point but my kids arent popular with big coasters yet.......Heres my own thoughts.....Disney with a stop at Holiday World or Cedar point with a stop at Paramounts king Dominion. Please add your suggestions.

Favorite coaster---Kraken at SeaWorld
I just realized I put Kings Dominion.. I ment Kings island which is of course the park near and around Cincinati

Favorite coaster---Kraken at SeaWorld
And there's Beech Bend in Bowling Green KY with a 2006 GCI woodie and then there's Hard Rock Park opening in 2008 in Myrtle Beach SC (although a bit out of the way). I see Six Flags Over Georgia is along the way... Lake Winnepesaukah (Lake Winnie) isn't too far off course and could be combined with a stayover trip to Dollywood. The kids would probably love Cypress Gardens in FL and it would be good training grounds for junior coaster enthusiasts although this would be a destination while in Orlando...

My suggestions from here would be to use the tree view (advanced search option) on to find out what parks exist in the states you will pass through/by then look to see what they offer... Unfortunately this gives you the defunct parks as well. *** Edited 4/26/2007 4:44:20 PM UTC by jshorerzd***

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I would recommend Kings Island. CP would be a waste of time if your kids are not big on "big" coasters yet. Kings Island has one of the best kids sections in the entire world...and there would be plenty for everyone to do. A good second consideration would be Dollywood. You might be able to manipulate your kids into riding Mystery Mine, as it does not look too terrifying from the outside, has lots of cool theming, and isnt too intense.
OhioStater got it right. KI's Nikelodeon themed kid's area is great. The water park is also included in admission and is one of the best I've ever been to. Dollywood would be great too. Pidgeon Forge is just a few miles from Gatlinburg and the Great Smokies National Park. Beautiful area with lots to do.
I forgot all about Dollywood. Yeah the kids would problably like that. Now, on the coasters.. they do like riding The Screamin Eagle out here at SFSTL but aside from The River King Mine Train thats it at the moment. Cedar Point yes is problably out of the way...( I should go there with my friends instead sometime ) lol........ A lot of choices and a lot of time to think it over.

Favorite coaster---Kraken at SeaWorld
I understand that Dollywood and Silver Dollar City are both great parks. You might enjoy them more than one of the old Paramount parks.
Dollywood is a must see. If your kids like trains, they'll love the one there.

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Take your kids to Disney while they are still young. Cedar Point is for later. I think HW over Dollywood, but both are good choices. HW has more coasters they will like and kids tend to love waterparks.

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