VA Buzzers! Please help! Any BGE Discounts?

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Do any VA CoasterBuzzers know of any Discount coupons that can be found for Busch gardens in Williamsburg? Could I find some at a fast food place or or a grocery store? There will be 4-6 people going in a few weeks and I need a discount for all of us. 6 of those who are going live in VA, so a VA resident discount would work.

The cheaper the better. Buy one get one would be incredible.

Any help on this non-controversial and short lived topic would be very appreciated.

Edit - I mean 4 of those who are going live in VA. lol
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They seem to only discount for locals and the military.

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Someone with a Platinum pass can get you in for $ we learned last year.
McDonalds has coupons on large (foam) cups. 12 bucks off M-F, 6 off weekends. Farmfresh shopping bags I believe are the same. Subway too has some. Its never difficult once you're in town to find them. Buy one get one may be a longshot, but kids tickets are a maybe. I'll keep an eye out (as I'm 30 mins from park).

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Thanks everyone. This is very helpful.


"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

AAA members get a 10% discount.

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