v2 six flags discovery kingdom!!!

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I would go to discovery kingdom every 2 weeks and the first ride i would go on would not be medusa or kong, i wuld go on vertical velocity or v2!v2 get you pumped up and is an adrenaline rush!it goes 75mph and goes back and forth 3 times!the lines for that ride depand on what day it is!so if you havent gone to six flags discovery kingdom then go their and ride v2!!!!!

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Welcome to CoasterBuzz. I also love V2. My folks live about 5 minutes from the park and I spend one summer racking up 200 laps on it. Just because I'm a super nerd, it actually only goes 65 MPH.

You'll find that proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are greatly appreciated on this board and also that most of the regulars here (because we're giant nerds) know about most of the coasters in the country, if not the world. Hang around a little bit and get to know the flow of the board and I'm sure you'll find a cool place to hang out and talk about everything coaster related and not. Glad to have you on board.

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