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I can barely stand it, I need some wood :). Well, ok that might of sounded wrong, but I think that the release of 1.3 is killing us. Will 1.3 be released within the next week?
Shaun Rajewski
Wow. I can't believe I missed this. Great job guys... I can't wait.
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Hey Phyter or Ride_Op....

I got a question for you...
You are basically on the inside of No Limits, and it's no big secret what's being developed for version 1.3... so can you share a little more inside information on the update?

Basically... we all know the wooden coasters will be the biggest upgrade, but what else will be new?

* Will there be improved sound effects for current rides?
* Options to build incomplete coasters (ie: Boomerang/Super Boomerang type coasters) so we can have fowards & backwards?
* Options to put one or more wooden trains on backwards (and ride it that way)?
* More default objects to help "theme" the coaster?
* Other new steel coaster types (Intamin inverted comes to mind)
* Improved overall graphics (it HAS been over a year & a half since the original sim was released!).
* The ability to tunnel through raised land? (I REALLY want to re-create Dragon Mountian!!).

Although you may or may not know all the info for the updates of 1.3... it seems obvious that 1.3 will be the biggest update since the original release... so what do you know, or anyone else on the "No Limits" team?

I'm afraid the answer to all of those is, No. The major features in this update focus strictly on the wooden coaster types. But there are dozens of minor improvements to the Sim and Editor that I'm certain will be well recieved by designers.

As for a release date. All we can say at this point is it will be after the 1st.

Kevin Stone
NoLimits Dev Team

Im guessing around April 25... Just because NL is delayed constantly, lol ;)

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MY biggest Pet Peve for NL is the blocking system and where the block are place half way trough the section when it should be at the end of the Brake run , lift, ETC.

Chris Knight
Who is hoping to make it to his first SRM.
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I know what you mean, Chris. As I understand it the blocking issue is something that was fundementally wrong with the original build and not easily remedied. Ole was made aware of the flaw shortly after the original release but has not been in a position to solve it yet. But just so you know it's an issue that the NoLimits crew is very much aware of.

Kevin Stone
NoLimits Dev Team

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